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[ Guide: New or Returning players. ]

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Every day new agents get activated. Every day new people join us on the Streets of Manhattan, to join in on this everlasting fight! We understand that it can all be a bit overwhelming. So much to do, so much to figure out, while at all times have enemy factions fire at you. But rest assured, The Last Rifles has got your back! So go ahead and kick back next to the christmass tree in the Base of Operations, and take a browse through this document; for we are here to guide you all the way to the end-game! This thread will give very basic tips as to how to get to the end-game in the most efficiënt ways. I have devided the thread into three sections;
Zero to Thirty, Life after reaching Thirty and finally You 256+ Beast. If you are still stuck with questions or struggles, do not shy away from sending me a message! There is always a solution to a problem; there is always hope!

Yours truly,


Zero to Thirty, in about a week or two. I wasn't sure where to start writing , so I figured i'd start at the beginning, where it started for all of us, in Brooklyn NYC. The very first thing that will be asked of you in Brooklyn, is to complete three different 'Side-Missions'. These missions will set the stage for your road to level 30. Unlike quests in many MMO's, Side-Missions (with a few minor exceptions) do not need to be turned into the quest supplier; once completed you will instantly be rewarded with the XP. My advice to all new players is to focus on the Side-Missions while levelling up, since besides giving XP, they also tell the story of the virus outbreak and paint a picture of what people went trough. 

After completing several Side-Missions, you will be well enough levelled to take on some bigger missions. These big missions, or also called '
Main-Missions', can be completed for a one time reward of Base of Operation resources. The Main-Missions are devided into Medical, Security and Tech missions, providing specific resources to upgrade the specific wings in the Base of Operations. These Main-Missions are mandatory, and should not be skipped!

Finally, between all the time spent on Side-Missions and on Main-Missions, you will notice many, many '
Enounters' on the Map. These Encounters are exactly that; brief encounters that reward the player with a small amount of resource and XP. Do not skip these Encounters, but instead try to work them in between the Side- & Main-Missions. When playing you will notice these Encounters to be done quick, and they prove to be a perfect activity when time in the day is too short for games. Encounters are theme'd to the specific Base of Operation wings, and are listed under the different resource colours as shown above.

Most of the journey to level 30 will be lonely, and you will have to complete it by yourself. Sadly the game does not make it easy for veteran agents to come down and lend a helping hand to the newer agents. The result of those trying anyway, find that the enemy mobs scale their level much, much higher then when they would face the new agent alone. So high even, that many times the mobs kill the new agent with a single bullet. Having said that, it is possible for veteran agents to '
Player Boost' the new agents to 30. This process, which some frown upon, decreases the time needed to get to level 30 significantly. So if you, as a new agent, can set aside your honorable feelings, and desire a quick boost, do not shy away of asking a veteran agent for support! Because in the end, we are all in this fight together!


Life after reaching Thirty, is no laughing matter. Lot's of work is left to be done. Many would describe the phase right after reaching level 30, to be the Mid-Game. You will be provided with a new ranking system, called 'Gear-Score', officially Gear-Score lists from 0 to 256, and with this number it will rank the items you have equipped. The agent's Gear-Score is the average number of all the Gear-Score numbers of his equipped items. This number, decides in what 'World-Tier' the agent finds himself. World Tiers decide the difficulty of mobs, missions and the quality of the loot received. The higher the World-Tier, the better the loot / more difficult the content. All of the veteran agents find themselves in World-Tier 5, while the new agents start at Tier 1.. 

Tier 1: Enemy level 30 - Gear-Score 0 to 182
Tier 2: Enemy level 31 - Gear-Score 182 to 203
Tier 3: Enemy level 32 - Gear-Score 204 to 228
Tier 4: Enemy level 33 - Gear-Score 229 to 256
Tier 5: Enemy level 34 - Gear-Score 256+
(You can change your World-Tier by opening the map and holding down '

When the player reaches 256+ Gear-Score, he will no longer have a  use for lower ranked items, and will simply sell or deconstruct them. Thus, naturally, it is wise to try and get to 256+ Gear-Score as fast as possible, so that no time is wasted. When doing in a relaxed, laid back, fashion, going from 0 to 256+ Gear-Score shouldn't take the agent any more then a couple of days. Or, with the help of a veteran agent, any longer than a couple of hours. The best way for new agent's to do this by themselves, is to re-run any of the Main-Missions, on the maximum difficulty that they can manage, and keep re-running them, only looting the items with the highest Gear-Score number. Upon equipping these items, the agent will find his Gear-Score number rise, unlocking new World-Tiers as shown in the list above. It could very well be possible that the agent has gear items that he doesn't feel super comfortable with, for example, an agent that normally has Stamina on his Chest piece, would rather not equip one with Electronics on it, despite the higher Gear-Score number of the item. Yet, it is still recommended to do so, if it will unlock a new World-Tier for the agent, since in the new and higher World-Tier much better loot will be aquired. Agents should also not forget to change their World-Tier whenever meeting the requirements, you can change your World-Tier by opening the map and holding down 'G'.

(If at some point, without being 256+ Gear-Score, you find yourself facing this guy, turn around and run. For this are hunters, and they will one-hit slap you to death. Literally)

You 256+ Beast! You reached 256 or above Gear-Score, and can pretty much run any content on the Hard difficulty now. The next step, is to decide your game-style! This is no easy thing; many agent's go a life-time without figuring out their style, so do not feel angered when it doesn't come to you in a day or two. Give it time, keep helping those civilians outside, be the change that you want to see in the world! I think personally, that the very first thing a agent has to decide, is wetter he wants to provide the Healer-, Support- or Damage Role. Many times, these roles mix and match, blending into eachother. So it is also very much possible to be a support player that does damage, or a healer that provides support. For example, Damage players can choose for direct damage, with one of the many guns available. Or they can decide that they rather do their damage with one of the many attack skills in their aresenal; such as seeker mines, sticky grenades or turrets. Another example is for the healers, would they rather be someone that heals a large area with the support station, and then perhaps additional healing with the first-aid. Or would they prefer to combine things, and replace the first-aid with a attack turret. The game can be very overwhelming, and I strongly recommend putting some good thought into what role you want to pick up. It will provide the agent with direction and motivation to work towards specific gear pieces.

For more information on Gear-Sets, Weapon Talents or useful tools such as an interactive world-map, I refer you to the
Intel. Database, also found in The Division section of these forums! And again, for any questions, struggles or special pics of ur mum; do not shy away from sending me a private message!

Your's truly,


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