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Fierce Application

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I am interested in joining your team (global offensive) and wanted to enquire of the process for a trial?

I'm 26 from the UK - active evenings and weekends 7pm onwards due to working weekdays. Willing to take time to train maps and learn new strats.

Been an active player of CounterStrike since 1.6 then went on to playing Source in leagues such as ESL and SKL and now GO.

If you want to know more, please post your steam name and i will add you as soon as possible.





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Hello Fierce,


I've pinged Thucyd, the csgo section leader, of your application.

You can apply to join TLR  here >

We have a discord which you are welcome in and talk and play on. >

Be sure to head to the #CSGO section



Have a good one,


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