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Name/Gamer tag:  Hi all my name is Ash. My steam tag and most in game names are either Ash008 or A.English  or Ash.

Age(if you want to): 27

A little bit about yourself: Well I'm Ash, I'm 27 from Devon! I like my cars (own a scoob) I work on the highways (Potholes are my fault), I like gaming ofc and i get along with anyone really.

Feel free to come and say Hi

Games that you play: I like FPS games, Don't like COD or even BF  ( Apart from BF2's FH2 Mod) series much anymore, But Squad and Post scriptum are the dogs......Squad,well as derived from Project reality from which I've been playing since PR's very first ever release. I play RTS Games and survival games.



And here, I cant help my self. My 2nd Love (maybe the 1st but don't tell the missis) 😃


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