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There's a rainbow six siege group in TLR And we're looking for new People to play with.

 If you are new this post will also help provide you with some basic information about joining TLR. Whatever your reason for looking to join a Group on Siege or just have some fun and learn to play the game,  you can join some of your TLR members and other members playing . Our Rainbow Six section is growing at a steady pace but we are always looking for new and active members within the community, it makes it increasingly easy to use our discord to find a team of mature players to friend and play with. 

we don't really have a proper section within TLR But we are trying to grow it and make it a proper one, but we have this Rainbow 6 Text channels as well as a voice channel. On this forum which we are starting to use to arrange these kinds of things for more dedicated players. If that sounds like something you would be interested in, your first step should be to join our discord using the discord panel on the right of this website! (You don't have to but it is advised)  the application form to join TLR is on the website, you can apply to join ASAP if you would like to, but I recommend you join us for a few games of ranked or casual, first to see how you like things. Once on the discord, you can either speak to people in the general, or head straight to the #Rainbow6 text channel and say hello! Whoever you speak to, ensure you are given instructions on how to register for the @Rainbow6 tag, we use this to get people together to play and also for other asking for help or needing people for ranked or other games. (you do not have to be a formal clan member to be on our discord and use this tag). Steam/Uplay invites can be sent as needed once in voice chat ready to play.

I understand that joining a new large community like this can be intimidating, especially in a very unforgiving game such as Siege but we are all here to learn and we can help you do that!, Let me reassure you that many of our players are either new to the game or have played for  quite some time.  As our numbers increase I hope that it will become increasingly easy to provide a place where new players can be supported to learn and improve separately from the more advanced players for the benefit of both groups. So if you are nervous about anything please feel free to voice it and we can make arrangements to make it as easy as possible to get involved. hopefully you will decide to apply to become a formal member. As stated, the application form is linked at the top of the website. The recruitment process will take you through everything you need to know, but for a little general information some basic requirements are:

1. No VAC bans (no cheating allowed).

2. 18+ years old.

3. Don't be salty when you die, Please be mature and take it into consideration that you may die and loose everything nut it is the nature of the game. it happens to all of us.

I hope to see you in game soon, and any further inquires please feel free to Dm me on discord.


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Hope to get a chance to play with you guys when my PC is back up, got a real craving for some R6, miss my Frost traps! 

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