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[Events] Weekly returning events

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Weekly Guild Activities.
The Last Rifles want to provide an inclusive and entertaining experience for our members. On request of several members, I have decided to organize ‘Guild Nights’ twice a week. The idea with these nights is that no Guild / Section leader has to be present for this events to take place, members can take control themselves and take other people with them on runs. Until the end of March 2018 I will be extremely busy with out of game responsibilities, so I won’t be able to guarantee my presence with all these nights.

A few tips.

Some tips for members that want to mobilize others to join in on their runs / events:

  • Notify the Guild Wars 2 discord group in our Guild Wars 2 channel. Do this by using the @GW2 tag. Inform people at least 2 hours in advance, but preferably even sooner, about the event that you will run.
  • Promote your event on the discord voice channel, speak with people online and remind them of the event that you will host that evening.
  • Promote your event ingame! On many occasions people will be ingame but not actively checking discord for updates. Make these members aware by promoting your event in our Guild chat. Use the /g command for this.

My idea for these weekly returning events is as followed:

Thursday’s - 19:30 to 21:30 CET - World exploration, Storyline parties & Casual fun!
A night to relax with your people, your fellow Guild mates. This is the perfect moment for you to get closer to your guildies and have some fun times. *Casualness* & *Hot Choco with marshmallows* are the keywords for this evening. This evening we do World Exploration together or perhaps do some fun Storyline parties; in which we delve into Heart of Thorns, Path of Fire or Tyria content. And if we feel truly groovy, we can even spice things up with some Jumping puzzles! <3 Note: this event, just like all the others, are not mandatory. They are just here as a bonus!

Saturday’s - 19:30 to 21:30 CET - Guild Missions. (Perhaps Fractals, Dungeons or PvP afterwards)
To gain access to Guild Upgrades, such for instance a Guild Hall, we need to gather experience and the guild currency. We get this, by doing Guild Missions together. These missions range from the easy ones, in which we need 5 people, to the more harder ones in which you need 10 or even 15 people. Since we have never done Guild Missions together before, I have no idea how much time these will take, but we can figure that out together! After doing a (or some) guild mission, we can hop into Fractals, Dungeons or perhaps even some PvP!

Dailies - 19:00 to 22:00 CET - Daily Fractals! And just general fun on discord!
The Dailies! Without friends to do them with they can be a true thorn in the eye! But that's why we got a Guild! With this event i'm aiming at people that are willing to ‘save’ their dailies for the evening times, so that we can do them together. Obviously ‘prime-time’ is around this time, so the chance that you find guildies on discord will be higher than at other times during the the day. Having stated all this, please feel free to turn every day into a *Hot Choco with marshmallow* -day! <3

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