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Map rotation

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With Squad adding more maps each update and those needing too be added to rotation, this will cause an issue here and there with people wanting less and more of certain maps. I would like to hear feedback on the rotation in this thread along with any issue.  Before asking for change in the rotation please consider the entire server and not personal taste in maps.It would make it easier if you could give me the map before and after the map that is the issue to pin point it quickly in the list.  If issues could be raised here as well rather than in discord that would be great. If it is urgent just drop me a ping in discord to check the forum, this will allow me to see where i have gone wrong in the past.

Reasons for reporting a map for removal or being moved in the list:

  • A certain side has played the same faction two games in a row.
  • If you and others are seeing the server die due to a certain map.
  • If a map has a clear balance issue such as  Logar Valley where one faction is just rolled over 90% of the time.
  • If you and others have another reason to report an issue with the rotation then please do.


From this point onward i will be clearing this thread up with only the last two rotations being shown and past comments deleted after changes to the list are made.

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  • KOHAT AAS v1
  • KOKAN AAS v2
  • Fools's Road AAS v3
  • Yehorivka AAS v2
  • Belaya PAAS V1
  • Al Basrah AAS V1
  • OP First Light AAS V1
  • Fool's Road AAS V2
  • Kokan PAAS V1
  • Gorodok AAS V2
  • NARVA ASS v2 
  • Sumari AAS v1
  • Mestia Invasion v 1
  • Belaya AAS V1
  • Fool's Road AAS V3
  • CHORA AAS v2
  • Al Basrah PAAS V1
  • Logar valley AAS v1
  • OP First Light AAS V1
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