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TLR Server Suggestions

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Hello all,

We are looking into starting up our own, persistent SE server. I want you guys to let me know what suggestions you might have for this server, particularly in the form of suggested mods. Please bear in mind that not all mods will make it onto the server, due to resourcing, server load,and balance. The current, preliminary mod list can be found here:

My aim would be for it to be a survival based server for TLR Members. You can all team up, or make your own factions at your own will... We will, of course, be putting together rules for this kind of server as it will be our first of this type. Any suggestions regarding these rules that you might have, please let us know as well.

Thanks all,


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we need nukes

but in all seriousness,

- realistic atmosphere 

- ballistic cannons

- tiered thrusters

- no speed limit (normal is 100m/s)


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