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Overclocking your monitor how to guide i went from 60hz to 70hz

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Hi guys thought id share this seems pretty usefull i managed to overclock my monitor from 60hz to 70hz yes i kn ow you might say its only 10hz but im not a math wizz but its around 18% increase woah!! i know right? and its FREE and easy simple afew clicks type the refresh rate n boom (no your monitor wont explode) restart to set the new config.

first things first what do i need? well go to this webby n grab Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) and download CRU 1.3.1 zip unzip it somewhere well duh jambo!!

now open cru.exe as admin and click add under detailed resolutions (highlighted in yellow)



change the timing to automatic lcd standard then change refresh rate to 70 you can add more but id try 70 then step it up in 5's i found i can only go to 70hz



now restart your machine once back on desktop right click anywhere thats not on an icon and go to display settings

scroll down to Display adaptor properties open that then click the middle tab Monitor and change to the new refresh rate and done.



Dont worry if you go to far like i did with 80hz your monitor will go black for afew seconds and revert back to default 60 it wont break anything just waste 10 seconds of your life no refunds sorry thats 10 secs i wont give you back :P


you might ask why bother well its slightly smoother aslong as your outputting atleast the refresh rate your welcome :)

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