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  1. One Shots & Helpers

    Would be up for helping if i am able.
  2. Map rotation

    12/02/18 NARVA PAAS v2 SUMARI AAS v2 KOHAT AAS v1 KOKAN AAS v2 Fools's Road AAS v3 Yehorivka AAS v2 Belaya PAAS V1 Al Basrah AAS V1 OP First Light AAS V1 Fool's Road AAS V2 Kokan PAAS V1 Gorodok AAS V2 NARVA ASS v2 Sumari AAS v1 Mestia Invasion v 1 Belaya AAS V1 Fool's Road AAS V3 CHORA AAS v2 Al Basrah PAAS V1 KOKAN AAS V2 Logar valley AAS v1 OP First Light AAS V1
  3. Emu West

  4. Games for TLR Events

    A planet side night would be fun if we can get a group of 5/20 for it. I know he basics of the game and loved it a while back.
  5. [ What is: The Division ]

    I really hate how well you make forum posts look.

    The game looks great. Can't wait to get my hands on it.
  7. Within this category we welcome new members to just drop a little bit about themselves and anything they want to share with the rest of us. Something along the following format. Name/Gamer tag: Age(if you want to): A little bit about yourself: Games that you play:
  8. So within this thread i thought it would be cool if we could share our characters or ideas for future characters. Obviously this will not be a full sheet with everything but the basics such as name, Bio, age, class, and how you would play them. If you do play the character as well you can add to this post as time goes on and help people understand how a campaign and it's events will change them. Name: Age: Class: Species: Bio: How you would play them:
  9. Squad admin

    This was last updated on 27th July 2017 Contents: Original Post - Contents, Introduction, License Requirements, Revoking a License, OWI lockdown and TLR's response. Reply 1 - The Squad Admin System, broadcasting a message, kicking or banning players. Reply 2 - What we expect from admins. Reply 3 - Admin permissions. Reply 4 - How to become an admin. Reply 5 - Reserved. Reply 6 - Reserved. Introduction: Hello and welcome to this thread all about becoming an Admin for our Squad server. TLR was lucky as a clan as we were quickly given a server license after proving we had a well structured community and active admins. As a clan we are sure to follow the server license requirements to ensure we keep the license as without a license we would have a dead Squad server. Server License Requirements: ~ Have a quality, dedicated administration team. ~ Host from reliable and powerful server hardware. ~ Promote teamwork and communication in their community and/or clan. ~ Provide a positive environment for new players to learn the game and play with more experienced players. ~ Use the vanilla Squad gamemode rules so regular players know what to expect (will be important once modding is possible). How the license can be revoked: ~ Abuse of in game administration powers. ~ Lack of administrative presence. ~ Poor server health. ~ Promoting poor in game culture, contrary to Squad’s goals of teamwork and communication oriented gameplay. ~ Facilitating an environment which is hostile to new players. ~ Failing to use “vanilla” Squad rules and files. ~ Intentional exploitation of game bugs, or trying to crash and/or cause harm to another server by you, as the server owner, or representatives of your community, could lead to your server license(s) being revoked. http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/16519-server-licensing-general-info/ OWI Lockdown: As of 27/07/17 the OWI developers have started to take a hard stance on admin abuse on licensed servers as shown below. alt text TLR's Response: As a result of this we have overhauled our admin procedures and how we work as admins. All of this will be explained below however as of this post we have deleted all admins and the system is now an "Opt-in" system, meaning you have to ask to become an admin for us. All admins must read and understadn the following OWI guidelines. http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/7849-game-server-administration-guidelines/ The Squad Admin System: We now use BattleMetrics to administrate our Squad servers, the ingame admin commands do not provide enough logs for us to enforce bans and our admin decisions. BattleMetrics logs everything which will allow us to easily defend an admin in the case that an admin abuse case is brought to OWI. BattleMetrics is an online Remote Console website which allows you to view lots of information about our server, including current and past players, name changes, VAC Bans and previous kicks and bans. We hope using this system will eventually make everything a lot more fluid. It also means admins can administrate the server from anywhere. When made an admin, you will be emailed an invite code for BattleMetrics - use this to sign up and look around. You mainly want to be using https://www.battlemetrics.com/rcon as this shows the current server stats and information. Broadcasting a message: Browse to https://www.battlemetrics.com/rcon and expand the servers - you will then see a log of who joined, left, got kicked, other admin commands etc - at the bottom you will see a textbox - anything typed in there will be broadcast when you press send. Kicking or banning a player: Browse to https://www.battlemetrics.com/rcon and expand the servers, on the left of the player log you'll see a live players list, each name has a dropdown box which can be used to interact with the player. When kicking or banning, you MUST enter a reason, this reason is public and is seen on the server so ensure it is informative and accurate as any abuse complaints will look at the reason. Video by @Pigeon What we expect from Admins: As an admin for TLR we expect you to uphold the basic server rules and ensure people are dealt with accordingly. As an Admin or a TLR member you represent TLR, try to de-escalate a situation. Admins should give multiple warnings before resorting to a kick - intentional teamkilling and leaving can be banned via a Super Admin on BattleMetrics for 30 days. To be logged in to BattleMetrics (I suggest using the Steam web browser ingame) when playing on our server so they can enforce our rules. Admin permissions: Normal Admins have the power to kick and broadcast on our servers. Super Admins have the power to kick, ban for 30 days, broadcast and go into admin cam on our servers. Founders and Recruiters are all Super How to become an Admin: To become an Admin for TLR you must be a full TLR member and not on your probation period. You must read this entire thread (you reading these is an expectation and we won't accept any admin not knowing the up to date information.) and then reply below and a contact [TLR] Pigeon with your contact email address. Check your email when a founder tells you the invite has been sent, sign up to BattleMetrics and setup the views (expand the server boxes). Confirm to the founder that messaged you that you have got access to BattleMetrics.dmins. Squad broadcasting Just some broadcasting text's you can use Team kills are not tolerated! Apologize! All SL's need to have a mic and use English coms Watch out for friendly mines Any issues? Join our discord or go to our forum. If there is anything you feel needs adding to this list make mention it to me on discord.
  10. Squad big wins and bigger fails.

    Casually riding into battle as you do. C
  11. Squad big wins and bigger fails.

    Just somewhere to post screenshots of great K/D or moments where that little rock on the road sent the Russians latest manned space mission. If you do decide to super fob why not share your creations as well before the Americans storm it and strip it for anything worth a buck or two.

    CCFN Server Gameplay Standards All CCFN events operate under fair play conditions and a minimum level of expected behavior is required to be met by all players on event servers. These are simple straightforward guidelines that exist to ensure a fair and level playing field, and to establish a base standard of gameplay. Failure to meet these standards will result in exclusion penalties. All clans are expected to brief all their roster, especially with new and first time players to the event. A record of all active penalties and historic offences with supporting evidence is accessible by clan representatives in #ccfn_record . Any decisions against players are always evidence based and community verified. Tournament Settings CCFN servers run a Tournament Settings configuration, referred to as ‘T-mode’ within the community. It allows the server to regulate in-game video settings on connected clients. T-mode is used in CCFN to determine minimum values for view distance and shadows, also to prevent the ‘tweaking’ of ini files outside the in-game parameters. The server will refuse connection until these parameters are met through in-game settings. All connected players are required to have: -View Distance HIGH or above -Shadows MEDIUM or above No ‘Hacking’ -The use of dedicated third party software to gain an personal or team advantage. No ‘Exploiting’ A term for a scenario in which a player purposefully abuses an in-game glitch or mechanic to gain either personal or team advantage. A case where the scenario would not be possible without using a glitch. Examples: A player moving themselves into a position to glitch through a static wall to a) observe what is on the other side b) kill an opposing player on the other side.(edited) A full list of current known exploits is available for clan reps to access and brief their players in #ccfn_record . No ‘Disruptive Behavior’ Disruptive behavior is anything counter to the flow of positive gameplay while on CCFN event servers. All players are expected to support the flow of gameplay and allow squad leaders to communicate freely. This includes teamkilling during non-live periods, the use of global side chat during live periods and the targeting of clans and players with malicious intent through VOIP and and team chat. If you are unsure about anything relating to gameplay standards please have your clan rep ask in #the_lightroom. CCFN LINKS Discord >>> https://discord.gg/KCscfyu CCFN thread >>> http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/9060-community-clan-fight-night/?page=1 CCFN YT >>> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM30lEDvPxTu3oRLWINb9OQ CCFN Twitch #1 >>> https://www.twitch.tv/communityclanfightnight CCFN Twitch #2 >>> https://www.twitch.tv/communityclanfightnightx [TLR] Clan Reps: {TLR} Pigeon {TLR} ImpartialMeat3
  13. Epic wins and even better fails

    Stolen from Icemanz seeing as i am a leading role in this play.
  14. Epic wins and even better fails

    This will be a thread for just posting clips/screenshots of a epic chicken dinners or meals that were not meant too be. Anything from running a friend down in a moment of craziness to the clutch of all clutches.
  15. Map rotation

    With Squad adding more maps each update and those needing too be added to rotation, this will cause an issue here and there with people wanting less and more of certain maps. I would like to hear feedback on the rotation in this thread along with any issue. Before asking for change in the rotation please consider the entire server and not personal taste in maps.It would make it easier if you could give me the map before and after the map that is the issue to pin point it quickly in the list. If issues could be raised here as well rather than in discord that would be great. If it is urgent just drop me a ping in discord to check the forum, this will allow me to see where i have gone wrong in the past. Reasons for reporting a map for removal or being moved in the list: A certain side has played the same faction two games in a row. If you and others are seeing the server die due to a certain map. If a map has a clear balance issue such as Logar Valley where one faction is just rolled over 90% of the time. If you and others have another reason to report an issue with the rotation then please do. From this point onward i will be clearing this thread up with only the last two rotations being shown and past comments deleted after changes to the list are made.