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    Welcome to the community!
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    GM's Corner

    Can't say I totally agree with all the set prices, however the price ranges in the DMG or so wide that it can be a useful tool to at least get general range of how much the item might be worth.
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    Hello everyone :)

    Hey Ashbala! hope you enjoy our little corner of the internet!
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    Hey, hi hi

    Welcome to the community!
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    GM's Corner

    You made this topic just to show off didn't you...? Very Nicely done man!
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    Hello there

    Welcome to the community!
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    Cheeki Breeki introduction

    Welcome to the Community!
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    New DnD Type game

    Hear ye, Hear ye! The Grand Emperor, Caelan Maximus Reginald De Raalte the 4th, has passed away in an untimely end, with no heir apparent in sight! His once mighty empire has fallen apart into 8 independent Houses/States! each one of them vying for power, bent on seating themselves upon his throne and reforging the empire in their own image! Who will be the Lord Emperor? and how will he come to achieve it? Will they make alliances with other houses in order to regain the throne? or will they perhaps try through diplomatic means? maybe a commerce war to put themselves in charge? Who knows what the future holds? Wars, Back stabbing and conspiracies for sure. This is an idea of a (never before attempted) Super Grand Stratagy Role Playing Game (that i basically thought of in the shower). 8 people, each one gets a house/state to run and control, with one ultimate goal - the Empires throne. This is basically a game where its gonna involve and come from mostly the players where you can do and try everything u always wanted in a startagy game. Make alliances with other houses, and then back stab them when it brings you the most advantage. conquer lands, and make pacts. everything you do and all decisions you make will have consequences - not just with other players - but with the NPCs of the world - Raise taxes to fight ur wars, your people might revolt. Shut down trade, and your merchants guilds might have something to say about it. ignore your nobles ? might find yourself deposed. and ofcourse i might throw in some random world events. there will also be NPC factions you can side with for example - The Holy Church and And the Council of Magic. The church might grant you funds, or knights, the Magic council might grant you artefacts or sorcerers to aid you. however they might demand tribute or gor you to do something for them. This is a political/stratage/conspiracy rpg. You are gonna be roleplaying the head of a house, and during the week you can talk and make deals and pacts with other players and in the end send what they want to do to me. there will obviously be a map following troop movements and such all on roll 20. Disclaimer this is pre-pre-pre alpha never done such a thing before game. its not exactly DnD and Not exactly a Board game but a mix of the two. their will be barely any dice rolls, and any they are will be made by me to decide outcomes. this is (supposed to be) a trule interactive and open game where you can attempt to do anything. if anyone is interested in attempting such an ambitious game with me (and ofcourse part of it will be coming up with it as we go) feel free to reply and let me know
  9. HalberDude

    M' Lads

    Welcome Pixel !
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    What are you listening to?

  11. HalberDude

    One Shots & Helpers

    i think it would be better for first time players, and as a one shot, to probably make pre-determined characters at the level you want, and then just give them the options of which character they want to play. rather then having each of them build a whole character from scratch
  12. HalberDude

    D&D Memes

  13. HalberDude

    D&D Memes

  14. HalberDude

    D&D Questions and Rules

    Would find it admirable if someone wants to take the initiative to run one-shots, learn new systems and pass it on to others. personally i won't be doing anyone shots myself atm.
  15. HalberDude

    [ What is: The Division ]

    Or in your Case, just a video without even any sort of text.