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  1. Cherry

    Total War Arena

    I fucked it up, can someone move this to Total War subforum and delete this msg, thank you.
  2. Cherry

    Total War Arena A team based online strategy, battles of two team of 10. Fun times!
  3. Cherry

    Questions about War Thunder vehicles

    Archer is epic when you position yourself nicely..that shell destroys everything in a shot
  4. Cherry

    Questions about War Thunder vehicles

  5. Cherry

    Questions about War Thunder vehicles

    Just unlocked British TD..Archer. It's interesting TD, but, how to play it? All I do is "camping" at places where I know that enemy is gonna pass, I play passively aggressive. And that's only for the maps I know where to place myself, which are only few. Any advices? Thank you
  6. Cherry

    What are you listening to?

    Big fan of 21pilots..never thought about looking for remixes of their songs..sounds interesting : )