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  2. Screenshots

    New addition to my fleet! A racer/Interceptor: M50 And because I'm an Origin whore..
  3. Screenshots

    The long awaited Reclaimer salvage ship
  4. Streamers caught cheating

    Stupid enough to cheat, too dumb to do it propperly ...
  5. New - Introduction

  6. New here...

  7. Banned for wall hack...

    You were Victim of a 'Bug' where it seemed you were walking TROUGH walls. even if you weren't on your own screen. An admin saw this (in admin cam) and banned you for it. I've Unbanned you as you can't help that. Cheers and we love to see you back on the server ~Ice
  8. Competitive TLR CSGO team

    I'll try with a tad of salt
  9. Screenshots

  10. Arma 3 Event Tuesday 13/2/18 19:30 GMT

  11. TLR Server Suggestions

    we need nukes but in all seriousness, - realistic atmosphere - ballistic cannons - tiered thrusters - no speed limit (normal is 100m/s)
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  13. Screenshots

  14. My new gaming rig

    Ghz directly improves fps in star citizen
  15. My new gaming rig

    Nicee! Now get to overclock that beast! 5ghz should be easy on that cpu 😁