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  1. Vassili Artemchenko

    Arma 3 Event Tuesday 13/2/18 19:30 GMT

    What are the potential themes/missions? Are they decided by the participants? How many participants? No DLC required but any mods?
  2. Vassili Artemchenko

    Company of Heroes 2

    I'm not part of this.
  3. Vassili Artemchenko

    Questions about War Thunder vehicles

    The Archer is one of the worst vehicles in the game. As you know it has the rear facing weapon so it should only be used in defensive spots. My recommendation is not to play it as a primary vehicle but as a backup for when you get pushed towards your spawn.
  4. Vassili Artemchenko

    Discord format & the creation of channels.

    The Section Leaders, Moderators and Founders are discussing which sections no longer need to be around. I do like having multiple multi game channels so that we don't need specifics for some games.
  5. Vassili Artemchenko

    Vassili Artemchenko - Vassili - Vass - Any Explitive

    Thanks! I'm trying best to help out where I can!
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  7. Vassili Artemchenko

    Squad Leader Tactics

    Copied post from Discord A tactic, when faster vehicles (helicopters would be best) come into the game, is keeping a low manned squad (or full size if the server size goes up) to act as a quick reaction force (QRF). This squad stays near/on a FOB slightly behind the front lines with vehicles ready and able to respond to requests of backup/firesupport. While this would only work on some map layouts (larger maps and PAAS) it does have potential to be an effective way of halting hostile advances. Ideas for QRF squads in V9 1. Armoured fighting force - Either in Strikers/BTRs - Go to fight enemy vehicles or assist in pushes onto FOBs or Capture points. 2. Objective Rushes - Take the squad to assist on capturing point then move off to the next to rush before hostiles arrive. 3. Mechanized Infantry - Using MRAP/Technicals move to ambush hostile squads and wait for requests for support from other squads. 4. Force Protection - Using an armoured vehicle and/or transport to move friendly troops across the battlefield and defend FOBs.
  8. Vassili Artemchenko

    Squad Leader Tactics

    This topic is for discussing tactics that squad leaders can do. Some are: "Super FOB" - This tactic is based of the idea of it takes 3 attackers per defender to succeed in overrunning a defensive position. You can hold positions well, especially when you rush into a middle point to create the "Super FOB". Offensive Squad - A squad that is constantly on the offensive - This tactic means the hostiles have less time to prepare defences and can be caught off the point when the offensive squad arrives. Defensive Squad - A squad that holds the defensive objectives - This squad moves to whichever point is the current defence point. This allows freedom to the other squads to defend or attack as they choose as this squad will hold the enemy off. Offensive Rush - This tactic means rushing the early points of the enemy (works well in current version V9) - This tactic means that the hostile force can't capture the objectives meaning your team can advance and get an early advantage. This tactic can be held for an entire game on some map layouts, and the hostile force can be utterly destroyed in just a few minutes. Defensive Rush - This tactic uses rushes but to set up defenses rather than stopping the opposing team. For this tactic you rush into one of the middle points and quickly set up, and supply a FOB. This allows for a steady back cap leading to the FOBed point and a strong defense by the time the opposing force reaches it. Mortar FOB - A squad places an FOB, places two mortars, and keeps a logistics truck running to keep supplies up - For sustained fire the squad should fire the mortars in alternation (M1, M1, M1, M2, M2, M2, repeat.) Short Squad Guide - Long Squad Guide -
  9. Name/Gamer tag: Vassili Artemchenko/Vassili Artemchenko Age(if you want to): 22 A little bit about yourself: Born in the great nation of Ukraine, at a young age I moved to the slightly less great nation of the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Since then I have served in the British Army, killed more people than I'd like to mention, and have looked like a fool throughout. Games that you play: Squad, War Thunder, Company of Heroes FAQ: Have you shot someone - Yes. Have you been shot - Once in the chest body armour, once fragment grazed arm. Which regiment did you serve in - I can't say. Where did you serve your tour - Afghanistan. Any other questions? Just ask!
  10. Vassili Artemchenko

    TLR Screwup's No more needs to be said, or done.
  11. Vassili Artemchenko

    Questions about War Thunder vehicles

    In this thread you can ask any question about any nation, vehicle line or weapon!
  12. Vassili Artemchenko

    The Last Rifles War Thunder Squadron

    The War Thunder squadron is [RIFLE] The Last Rifles. This can be found by going into Community, Squadrons, Find a Squadron, RIFLE. Once you have applied message [TLR] Vassili Artemchenko or [TLR] CreatrixVaratio on the TLR Discord!