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  1. Luke

    My new gaming rig

  2. You stuck with your homework, assignment, or for loop? Ask here. (I can help with C, C++ (and Qt), Java, Python and C#. But hey, we all cobble our code together from Google, so hell, just post your trouble and maybe an extra pair of eyes will be able to spot the error.) If it's a secret code or if it's that ugly, you can just hit up the volunteers (aka. codemonkeys) on Discord directly.
  3. Luke

    IT corner / troubleshoot

    We have to summon DougieC or IcemanZ on that topic. I only used these one-trick, closed-loop water coolers that you just hook up and forget about them. (Even that scares/scared me as the internet has plenty of "Corsair H100 fail" videos. ;_;)
  4. Luke

    IT corner / troubleshoot

    SSD topic:Btw I had 2x256GB SSD for years now in RAID0, and I am pretty sure I have tried virtually all games release in the past decade. Why would I say it's pointless to get 512GB for example? - There are games indeed that load a bit faster. Like Battlefield 1. Okay, you load a minute faster. Great. But now you have to wait an extra minute for the others. Yay. - What about programs? Well, I have my dev environment, a dozen poweruser tools and whatnot and they all fit under 200gb. I tried copying my email folder (20+ GB) over and such, but the speed improvement is negligible. That said... Would I use a 10TB SSD array instead of an SSD+HDD? Of course I would! But in this case - and just in general - the saved money can go into other components.
  5. Luke

    IT corner / troubleshoot

    Welcome to the corner! So, here are my opinions: - Do not buy a streamer card. I had one, it's pretty much a meme at this point. Your GPU will be able to encode just as well. (Basically, if you use the streamer card or the GPU, you have less perfect encoding. It's not bad at all, but not as perfect as software, raw CPU encode. That said, it is good for 99% of the cases. Anyhow, your GPU can do what this card can. I just sold mine months ago. Never really used it.) - Buy Corsair PSU. New PSUs have "on/off" feature, like new GPUs. They remain silent (0db) until you push them. Check the prices, buy one like this if you care about noise. I mean, who does not want a near silent PC? The modular part is good idea! Cable mess is always..a mess. Seasonic is another great brand (it's the same as Corsair.) My 750W Corsair been going strong for ~6+ years. - SSD wise you are better off with a simple 256GB one. That is enough for all programs + Windows. Games, don't really matter where they load from. I mean, from my 200+ Steam library, all the games I tried and owned - only Killing Floor and Squad requires an SSD because they are built up from lots of small files. But, the 256GB one would still fit these games. Make sure the SSD is MLC. (SLC (too expensive) > MLC (ok) > TLC (crap)) So basically, you just save money here. But, that's just my tip/idea. - HDD: Get a good, reliable HDD. I swear by Western Digital (not the green or blue one!), but Toshiba and Hitachi also served me well. If a HDD has like 3 or 5 years of warranty, thats a good indicator it's gonna last. - The GTX1060 6GB is a great GPU, can do 1080p maxed out. Good choice. If you want 120hz or 144hz gaming, check out the 1070 or 1070TI (not sure if your country was hit by the miner price surge bs). Brand-wise, I would go with something that has 3 years of warranty. MAKE SURE THE LENGTH FITS IN YOUR CASE. Some cases don't have enough horizontal space for the GPU. It's easy to check, the case manufacturer tells how long fits in, the GPU manufacturer tells you the length. - I would only buy Ryzen/AMD if you want to do video encoding, 3D work, rendering. Otherwise, a 6-core Intel is a ton better choice in terms of gaming or any other kind of workload. (Not hating on AMD, that's just how it is.) Why Intel? 1) Better single thread performance. (So, most games will run better.) 2) If you want to do the workload I just mentioned, there is zero issues with that. But you have to get the 8 core AMD Ryzen. 3) It has an Intel iGPU inside, so if your 1060 breaks, you have a backup. It can also encode videos, just like your GPU (called Intel QuickSync.) Yes, there was a lot of fuss about the recent Spectre/Meltdown security incident, but in reality, there was almost no performance hit on recent Intel CPUs. (Maybe point: - I would go with 8GB of ram, maybe buy more used or wait until the prices go down a bit? Just a tip. Depends on what games you wanna run, of course, or what things you want to do on your PC. Squad for example, can eat a ton of RAM. Will the RAM prices go down in the near future? I don't know, no one knows. But they are hella expensive.)
  6. Luke

    Company of Heroes 2

    MODS OR NO MODS. That is the question!
  7. Luke

    IT corner / troubleshoot

    Yes, terribly easy. You should use "Acronis True Image". Hit me up on Discord if you don't know how or where to download it. You basically have to put this thing to a Pendrive or DVD (can also help with that), and then just boot from it. Then, you just clone the HDD to the SSD. You can either: - Create an image of your HDD into a separate external HDD or whatever first, if you can't connect the SSD directly, or - Clone the HDD to the SSD directly. Again, hit me up for more help/info. Ps.: I know I did not make that sound easy, but it is, trust me on this one.
  8. Luke


    That's a nice journey in life for sure... Btw Peasant joined us on voice a few days ago and said he will be "Ry" from now on. But then he joined the Squad server yesterday with the name "Peasant"... So... which is it?
  9. Luke

    IT corner / troubleshoot

    Having a problem with your PC? Web pages don't load anymore? Take your PC to the Geek Squad! Just kidding. Post here and I/we will try to help you.
  10. Luke

    [ What is: The Division ]

    Btw if anyone is cheap like me, you can pick up the game + season pass for really cheap in key shops. I bought mine there, spent around 15$ for game + season pass, months ago.