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  1. [TLR] J

    Map rotation

    Updated 20/06/2018. This fixes the problems where the same team would play RUS in back to back rounds and also introduces more invasion maps. Fool's Road AAS V4 Kamdesh AAS V1 Kohat AAS V2 Narva AAS V3 Gorodok AAS V2 Kokan AAS V2 Sumari AAS V3 - replaces Al Basrah AAS V1 which was removed by OWI Yehorivka AAS V3 Chora AAS V2 Narva Invasion v2 - new Logar Valley AAS V1 OP First Light AAS V1 Fool's Road AAS V3 - previously V2 - avoids same team being RUS Al Basrah PAAS V1 Belaya AAS V1 Yehorivka AAS V2 Sumari AAS V2 Kamdesh PAAS V1 Al Basrah Invasion v2 - new Gorodok AAS V1 Fool's Road AAS V4 Chora AAS V1 Yehorivka AAS V3 Narva PAAS V1 Belaya AAS V3 Sumari AAS V3 Kokan PAAS V1 Gorodok AAS V3 Kohat Invasion v1 OP First Light AAS V1 Yehorivka AAS V3 Sumari AAS V1
  2. [TLR] J

    Squad Server Rules

    Server Rules If you experience an issue on the server, the quickest way to contact an admin is by joining our discord at Join Our Discord. You can then request assistance or ask a question in the #squad channel. #1 English is the primary language on the server. Squad leaders have to speak English in the squad leader comms. [Kick after warning] #2 Squad leaders must have a microphone and communicate with their squad/other squad leaders. [Kick after warning] #3 Squad leaders should be using the squad leader kit. [Kick after warning] #4 Squad leaders can operate their squad in any way they see fit. If a squad leader wants to kick someone in their squad, the squad leader has the authority to do so. However, squad leaders should play the objectives and as part of a team. If SL's are consistently ignoring objectives without reason, there may be action taken. [Kick after warning] #5 Do not give away tactical information in All Chat. Examples are FOB/HAB locations, ticket count, troop movements etc. [Kick after warning/instant kick (admin discretion)] #6 Advertising is not permitted (other clans, gambling sites etc. Twitch URLs are OK) [Kick after warning/instant kick (admin discretion)] #7 All players should treat each other with respect and play the game as a team. Disruptive behaviour such as abuse/griefing/spamming is not wanted. [kick/ban (admin discretion)] #8 Cheating, Trolling, racism, griefing, exploiting, sexism and homophobia will not be tolerated. [kick/ban (admin discretion)] #9 Do not use offensive or inflammatory player/squad names. [kick/ban (admin discretion)] #10 Do not intentionally team kill (including revenge team kills). Apologise for accidental team kills. [kick/ban for continued teamkilling (depending on situation] #11 Mining and road blocking close to the enemy main base is permitted as long as the enemy players are able to leave the main base. [If a admin warns you that you are too close, please comply with their warning] #12 Destroying your own vehicles in base is not permitted. [kick/ban] #13 Do not create a squad and then leave it immediately. If done by accident, please inform people and request someone takes over as squad leader. Or disband the squad. [kick/ban] #14 Admins are there to ensure the server is a enjoyable and competitive place to play. We do not want to overburden people with too many rules, but there may be scenarios that are not covered by the above rules and any warnings/requests from admins should be respected. [kick/ban] #15 Do not solo heavy vehicles. 2 players are required for Strykers, BTRs, Warriors, Bradleys etc). This is to cut down on the amount of incidents where people attempt to use vehicles by themselves and end up wasting valuable assets. [warn/kick]