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  1. KiloRomeo

    Arma 3 Custom Zeus Mission

    @/pol/ whens the next arma thingy you lazy git
  2. KiloRomeo

    Squad Leader Tactics

    CASEVAC – Close air support evacuation – A hot extract that needs support for the vehicle/squad running the evacuation You meant to say Casualty Evacuation right ?
  3. KiloRomeo

    Squad Leader Tactics

    In terms of optimally using squads, you should rotate through objectives, say squad 1 and 2 take Point Xray whilst 3 and 4 were defending another point, its best for 3 and 4 to then move as fast as possible to the next point (skipping Xray) leaving 1 and 2 to defend. Aka a very simplified version of any attack, that said there isnt space for a reserve in the game at this time
  4. KiloRomeo

    Squad Leader Tactics

    The 3 to 1 rule might apply to real life, but it certainly doesnt work in Squad, 1v1 pitch battles with defender vs attacker arent always one sided in the defenders advantage Edit- Have you ever bothered with fireteam tactics or even formations. Without a dedicated 2IC roles theres no way to split into fireteams effectively
  5. KiloRomeo


    Lol nice work vassili, I heard Squad is Esports ready