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  1. Thinking of joining TLR?

    CSGO is a new section in the TLR multi-gaming clan which has an active recruitment drive outside of our usual circles. If you are new here this post should help provide you with some basic information about joining TLR. Whatever your reason for looking to join a team on CSGO, TLR can provide. Our CSGO section is growing fast which makes it increasingly easy to use our discord to find a full team of mature players for competitive match making. Currently we do not have any dedicated 5 man teams, but we have this CSGO section on our forum which we are starting to use to arrange these kinds of things for more dedicated players. If that sounds good to you, your first step should be to join our discord using the discord panel on the right of this website! You may have spotted the application form on the website, you can apply to join immediately if you wish, but I recommend you join us for a few games first to see how you like things. Once on the discord, you can either speak to people in the general, or head straight to the #CSGO text channel and say hi. Whoever you speak to, ensure you are given instructions on how to register for the @csgo tag, we use this to get people together to play (you do not have to be a formal clan member to be on our discord and use this tag). Steam invites can be sent as needed once in voice chat ready to play. I understand that joining a new large community like this can be intimidating, especially in a highly competitive game like CSGO where people want to win for the sake of their ranks. Let me reassure you that many of our players are either new to the game or returning. In a couple of weeks we have gone from mainly silvers to mainly gold novas, so I hope our ranks are neither intimidatingly high nor frustratingly low. As our numbers increase I hope that it will become increasingly easy to provide a place where new players can be supported to learn and improve separately from the more advanced (and prime account) players for the benefit of both groups. So if you are nervous about anything please feel free to voice it and we can make arrangements to make it as easy as possible to get involved. All going well, hopefully you will decide to apply to become a formal member. As stated, the application form is linked at the top of the website. The recruitment process will take you through everything you need to know, but for a little general information some basic requirements are: 1. No VAC bans (no cheating allowed). 2. 18+ years old. I hope to see you in game soon, KamikazeKenny
  2. CSGO training

    If you’re interested in doing some group training post here. Examples of potential things that could be covered include learning call-outs, smokes and flashes, executing coordinated smokes / flashes / mollys etc.
  3. Competitive TLR CSGO team

    Although I am interested as I have long time fan of competitive team shooters, I don’t feel I’m anywhere near good enough right now. I am keen to learn though, to rank up in MM, and maybe venture into FaceIt. I am happy to stand in and make up numbers if it helps get something going.
  4. Competitive TLR CSGO team

    Although TLR CSGO is very young, it has already been suggested that we start a competitive squad that could skrim with other clans. If you are interested post below.
  5. Internal 5v5 games

    We played one internal 5v5 the other day and are looking at maybe making it a regular thing, and setting a time and date seems to be an easiest way to do it. To get the ball rolling I will throw out the suggestion that we could do every Tuesday evening, getting together at 7.30 UTC? Post a reply here to confirm that you are interested, whether or not you could make that day and time, and if you have any other suggestions regarding regularity, date and time etc? If you weren’t in the game the other day, to play you simply login to the following site using your Steam credentials https://popflash.site/ We will experiment with different ways of forming the most balanced teams we can so that everyone can have an enjoyable time.
  6. Looking for Developers

    Very new to all this stuff but I've been fiddling with stuff inside the Squad SDK, and making a website in Django. I want to start learning some of the UE4 node stuff for a little mod I'm working on, and eventually into C++. I'm decent at self-teaching so might be of some mild use
  7. KamilkazeKenny

  8. Squad Leader Tactics

    Me and a small group of others experimented with splitting our squad into small (fire) teams (2, 3 and 4 man teams) before leaving QFF. Personally I think it showed a huge amount of potential, and I think the top teams do it, but I think it only works if consistently practiced within a clan / team to generate a agreed upon terminology and practical experience. If we're talking PUB servers SLing randoms I usually forget all that and just try to provide spawn points in a suitable location, and keep my squad focused on that location.
  9. Vehicle progress

  10. When I've been involved in this sorta thing before I have just made sure to arrange large scale meet ups on the forum and provide a link to it on discord, that way people have to come on the website and get set up to find the necessary info (eg arranging matches, talking tactics, training, internal events etc).