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  1. H3NL3Y

    Hey, hi hi

    Definitely mis-typed this line: I am not back into it fully! - I meant I am fully into it! Ma bad! Thanks guys!
  2. H3NL3Y

    Hey, hi hi

    Name/Gamer tag: H3NL3Y Age: 25 A little bit about yourself: Hello, the names Rob. By day I am Computer Science Teacher in the UK, by night I sleep. I have attended many #Iseries and plan to attend many more, does anybody else attend? Well into fantasy/escapism books and know a few card tricks. Games that you play: Fan of many survival games - DayZ (MOD) being the reason I play PC. Played Squad since the start but gave it a break pre-alpha10. I am not back into it fully! Would like to give D&D ago at some point! Other games I play currently - Escape From Tarkov / Pubg / R6S Thanks for reading!