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  3. IT corner / troubleshoot

    ***Solved, faulty fan*** Hi, I’m having some issues controlling my fans for my radiator. I have 3 PWM fans and have tried using a 3 way PWM splitter cable, and a SATA powered PWM hub connected to my MOBO CPU fan header. The problem is, if in my bios I set the CPU fan to “PWM” one of the fans spins at full and the other two pulse every now and then, and the minimum setting is 50% under custom profiles. If I set it to “DC” all 3 spin at a slow rate (faster with the hub) but I can’t control the speed at all. Is there a way to have all 3 fans spinning at the same rate, rather than just one doing all the work, or all 3 just not changing speed? Motherboard is a ROG MAXIMUS X HERO
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  5. Well took 8 weeks, but the case is done and here! (shit lighting, shit photo, huge case)
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  8. One Shots & Helpers

    I like this idea!
  9. One Shots & Helpers

    So.....planing on doing something like a monthly 4 hour One Shot for new players to test out and see if D&D is something people would like to invest more time into before committing to a full campaign. I'm lucky to have a couple of players and an awesome DM willing to help me out and get used to running a game on Roll20, but thought it may be handy to get a few people together that are willing to help new people with things like rolling up Rolling Up a Character?
  10. Unban Please

    Talked with the admin who banned you and has agreed unban you in this case. Watch the team killing next time.
  11. incase HMRCis reading, I need the 1080TI and 32G of RAM for CAD renders!
  12. IT corner / troubleshoot

    @DougieC did you really mean, go out and buy lots of EK-Vardar EVO fans