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  1. Had an unexpected house move so had to take it all apart 😥 Just got to fishing the plumbing now though
  2. Pigeon

    What are you listening to?

    OK, this remix just turned me a little more gay.
  3. Pigeon

    GM's Corner

    Are you saying you were overcharged for a Flute? ? Like the format, as it can bed edited to fit your own campaign, world, region, and is a starting point. Needs the expansions added, will probably add those in the next week or so in their own subcategories by book....will make a copy of the copy and work on it so anyone using it in the meantime does not get half added items!
  4. Pigeon

    Hello everyone :)

    Hi Ashbala!
  5. Pigeon

    GM's Corner

    Interesting project, Import DNDBeyond Character Sheets to Roll20 ? https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/6248700/script-beta-beyondimporter-import-dndbeyond-character-sheets When fully working will be very good for quick NPC builds!
  6. Pigeon

    GM's Corner

    Handy link from Reddit a spreadsheet with all the description and cost for 5e Equipment, potions, weapons, positions and magical items, all in one place for when your plays want to go shopping! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SCCUTnvdAduH5TFm15aBK9Gnr6WIu22nrJHa1Hq312Y/edit?usp=sharing
  7. Pigeon

    GM's Corner

    ?well more for a repository of handy sites and macros, and where someone new to roll20 can ask how do I do this or that, but totally showing off too!
  8. Maybe mark topic with **spoilers** as I want in next time you run it! ?
  9. Pigeon

    Rainbow Six Section

    Hope to get a chance to play with you guys when my PC is back up, got a real craving for some R6, miss my Frost traps!
  10. Pigeon

    Hello there

    Welcome! I want a CNC machine
  11. Pigeon

    GM's Corner

    What I’m working on right now: Was a little disappointed with the functionality of the roll20 monster manual, mainly the lack of spells being clickable from the character sheet and not placed in spell slots: So for an example, I wanted to make a Nibog (from Volo's Guide to Monsters without having to buy Volo's Guide to Monsters on Roll20, already having the book) So I make a token using http://rolladvantage.com/tokenstamp/ Now the slightly more complex part! I used the custom sheet ‘D&D 5e Shaped Character Sheet’ and installed the [5e Shaped Script] into the API (sorry Pro users only) D&D 5e Shaped Character Sheet https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/6328117/5e-shaped/?pageforid=6328117#post-6328117 [5e Shaped Script] https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/5222093/5e-shaped-script-version-11-plus/?pageforid=5222093#post-5222093 After tweaking the shaped sheet to do a few things I wanted, like what bar represents what, always rolling with/without advantage, adding token macros on import, rolling HP on the token drop and a few other bits that depend on how you want to run your monsters/game. Now it gets back to being simple, just had to upload the token, click on it and run the command: !shaped-monsters And picked the Nibog from the dropdown list, Boom! Fully filled out the character sheet, spells clickable and auto spell slot marks off where appropriate, and all the token macros set up to roll how I want. IMHO a much faster and cheaper way of adding all the monsters and spells from: Curse Of Strahd Elemental Evil Hoard Of The Dragon Queen Lost Mine Of Phandelver Monster Manual Out Of The Abyss Princes Of The Apocalypse Sword Coast Adventurers Guide The Rise Of Tiamat Tome Of Beasts Volos GuideTo Monsters Xanathars Guide To Everything
  12. Pigeon

    GM's Corner

    Thought with more people getting into GM'ing I could be handy to have a thread for tips and tricks for some of the tools we use like roll20, and the related macros, scripts, sheets and API.
  13. Pigeon

    New DnD Type game

    Interested and aroused.
  14. Pigeon

    TLR Awards

    Placeholder for announcement of monthly awards given out to TLR members
  15. CCFN SignUp 01/04/18 18:40 UTC https://goo.gl/forms/EEMftgNFFsVqgQNa2 Already Signed Up: Castiel xCausxn IcemedicZ VonDelta J