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  1. CCFN SignUp 21/01/18 18:40 UTC https://goo.gl/forms/mSeR60tyHIHfPQhD2 Already Signed Up: Sam Falldown TJ VonDelta wgp_hein IcemanZ Vish601 Watson Jackboot Araliin
  2. Happy Birthday IcemanZ!

    Happy Birthday IcemanZ Go easy on the cheese tonight, you know it makes you tipsy!
  3. CCFN Sign-Up 07/01/18 18:40 UTC https://goo.gl/forms/NQoeN5ClQ8fJ3lgA3 Already Signed-Up: vish601 VonDelta Pyro IcemarksmanZ
  4. Server Reserve Slots

    Reserve Slots for the TLR SQUAD server can now be purchased from within the STORE. Please make sure you add you Steam 64 ID when checking out, or add it to your Customer Information that can be found by clicking on STORE>My Details>Personal Information.
  5. 2018 TLR Total War Rome II Knockout Tournament. HOW IT WILL WORK: Sign up by posting below The tournament will start as soon as all slots are filled. Players will be given 1 week to arrange a date that suits them both (If a date can't be arranged a compulsory match time of Sunday night at 21:00UCT will be set, and should a player not show, they will forfeit). All matches must have a saved replay, and send that reply to me. RULES: We will be using the NAFT ruleset. Funds: Large Factions can only be used once until the finals. Player on top of bracket chooses faction first as well as the map. Max 6 of the same unit. Max 1 elephant or 1 chariot (does not count toward cav max) Max 8 cav total - roman/carthage general does not count Max 3 skirmish cav (horse archer/jav) No artillery No boxing No redline camping No Nomads, no barbarians Maps: Nemetocenna Pyramids Dimmidi Rhougion Amaseia Prize: The winner will receive a £20 Steam gift card, and a physical personally engraved small but awesome trophy
  6. Pigeon