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  1. menno99

    guild hall

    great news guys we almost have enough materials for the tavern we just have to keep at it and put that little more work in and we will have it
  2. menno99

    guild hall

    you are correct the tavern is the first in the upgrade line and the costs are not that bad its mostly just collecting stuff
  3. menno99

    guild hall

    as you guys may have seen we recently acquired a guild hall wich is very nice of course what most people dont know is that we can make it even better by upgrading it this can be done in two ways one is by gaining guild favor by doing guild missions ( wich we do every saturday ) the other is by gathering the materials needed for said upgrade these mostly consists of tier 4 5 and 6 materials if you have any questions or sugestions be sure to leave a reply
  4. menno99


    when you realise your introduction became a pun contest
  5. menno99


    nice to meet a fellow high voltage buddy
  6. menno99


    Name/Gamer tag: menno99 Age(if you want to): 18 A little bit about yourself: i am from the Netherlands and was born and raised in Vlaardingen and never really moved my day to day job is working on an oil refinery as a high voltage electrician Games that you play: Guild wars 2 warthunder gwent and loads of other stuff