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  1. Tayler

    Lost Mine of Phandelver Campaign

    Sign me up papi
  2. Tayler

    TLR Server Suggestions

    Let me make big pew pew gun and kill everyone
  3. Tayler

    GMod Event Night 2/2/2018 19:00 UTC

    I want to do this but I'l be out getting pissed on a free open bar
  4. Hi Everyone Recently the events staff have started working on trying to find some games which the whole of TLR can play together in order to hold an event just to have some fun with them and give everyone more of a chance to be able to play with people they wouldn't usually play with. With that in mind I have created a basic list of games that we think could potentially do this (have also included what genre they are). If everyone could please let me know which ones they like/don't like or any other games you think would work well. Free To Play: TF2 - FPS Block n Load - FPS/Sandbox Star Trek Online - MMORPG Planetside 2 - FPS Black Squad - FPS (Llike squad) Dirty Bomb - FPS Animation Showdown - Card Game Bloons TD Battle - Strategy Tower Defence MOBAs Hearthstone - Card Game Roblox - Various Yugioh Duel-Links - Card Game World of Tanks/Warships/Planes - MMO/Action Robocraft - Third Person Vehicle Non F2P: Civ - 4X Strategy GTA - Action/Adventure Minecraft - Open World Sandbox CoD - FPS Terraria - Open World Sandbox Left 4 Dead - FPS
  5. Tayler

    Weekly Podcast

    Anybody who would like to take part in future podcasts please can you reply below Also any feedback or questions for specific people would be very much welcome.
  6. Tayler

    Total War Rome II Knockout Tournament

    Pls papi. I want to kill all of you