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  1. CreatrixVaratio

    Space Engineers Server Donations

    We are trying to look into options for running a space engineers server and we need to check the viability, financially with you.
  2. CreatrixVaratio

    TLR Server Suggestions

    Hello all, We are looking into starting up our own, persistent SE server. I want you guys to let me know what suggestions you might have for this server, particularly in the form of suggested mods. Please bear in mind that not all mods will make it onto the server, due to resourcing, server load,and balance. The current, preliminary mod list can be found here: My aim would be for it to be a survival based server for TLR Members. You can all team up, or make your own factions at your own will... We will, of course, be putting together rules for this kind of server as it will be our first of this type. Any suggestions regarding these rules that you might have, please let us know as well. Thanks all, Creatrix
  3. CreatrixVaratio

    About TLR

    The Last Rifles is a mature multi gaming community, spread across a wide variety of game genres. We are constantly adding to our list of games that we play and most importantly are focused towards our members and community first, beyond anything else. If you wish to become a TLR Member then all you have to do is register on our forums and then click the Join TLR button at the top of our forums. As long as you have received no recent VAC bans and are over the age of 18 you will be eligible to join our fast-growing community. Hope to see you around.
  4. CreatrixVaratio

    TLR Screwup's

    First there was Emu... King of all fuck ups... then there were many more that followed. Please share these glorious moments as they happen. So that we might ridicule these individuals forever more.
  5. CreatrixVaratio

    Community Rules

    These rules are subject to change so keep on eye out for any updates. General Rules: Be respectful to other communities and public players. No abusive language. Racism included. No spamming. English Language Only. No Glitching. No Hacking. No Cheating. No Offensive or Inappropriate Usernames. No Offensive or Inappropriate Forum Posts. Keep comments and opinions of other communities to private channels, this is not what the Discord chat channels or public forum areas are for. No recruiting for other clans. Clan tags must be worn on steam when playing on our servers, or using an in game tag system. Can't be a member of a competing clan. Squad Specific Server Rules Be respectful to other communities and public players. No abusive language. Racism included. No spamming. No Glitching. No Hacking. No Cheating. No TeamKilling. No Offensive, Inappropriate, or commercial URL Usernames. All Squad Leaders must have a mic and use English comms. No disrespect to TLR Admins, will result in a warning/Kick/Ban depending on severity. No camping main base, allow the other team a chance to come back from a back cap. Listen to admins, they aim to keep the server a fun and friendly environment.