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  1. Alpha 10 Status

  2. Alpha 10 Status

    Do we know when the actual release is going to be?
  3. TLR in Life is Feudal

    Hey Cucks, If you're interested in playing Life is Feudal with a bunch of (sometimes) friendly people, with the main focus on killing other people who are mostly not as friendly, you can! TLR has a presence in the Life is Feudal: MMO game. The numbers representing TLR are small in-game, however our specific guild has about 20 active people. We play on the EU Avalon server, the PvP server, and perform daily raids with our closest allies. We own an entire server with said closest allies and our alliance is part one of the biggest coalitions in the game. Does PvP focused gameplay sound like your gameplay? Do you want to learn the mechanics and get in the biggest battles there are to be found in the MMO? Message me on this forum or on Discord and we can get you sorted.
  4. Total War Rome II Knockout Tournament

    Araliin reporting for duty and booty!
  5. Araliin