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  1. /pol/

    Competitive TLR CSGO team

    I'll do it
  2. /pol/

    Arma 3 Event Tuesday 13/2/18 19:30 GMT

    It's just like a normal coop mission but I will be controlling all the AI as the mission is live
  3. /pol/

    Arma 3 Event Tuesday 13/2/18 19:30 GMT

    I will decide on the day taking into account people's opinions, I will try to develop a story line behind what is happening to make it more fluid and not just moving from objective to objective , after completing objectives I will reward players with vehicles and gear, along with main objectives I could put in some small ones ( for example being ambushed by bandits while in a convoy to the next part of the mission)
  4. /pol/

    Arma 3 Event Tuesday 13/2/18 19:30 GMT

    Will most likley be a attacking mission where you attack several small bases, and receive rewards (equipment or vehicles) and then move onto one large final assult , another option would be defending a base from waves of enemies all depends on player count and what people want on the night I'm open to ideas and depending on player count we could have 1 or 2 players on opfor team, who would mix it up a bit no mods require although I will be using the ares mod which gives me more options in zeus but you don't need to download it, you don't need the DLC's to play the mission
  5. /pol/

    Arma 3 Custom Zeus Mission

    hello! im a new member to the community and i love playing and creating arma 3 zeus, i was wondering if anyone else was intrested in playing some missions, i would set up a few zeus missions and the server on arma, if so the time would probably be saturdays and possibly a morning and evening game (11am + 6pm) in the picture is a little base i made in under 5 minutes, just to show off a bit of the type of design structure the missions would have.