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  1. Castiel


    Its golf with your friends... Hi 😊
  2. Castiel

    Squad Admin seeding rules

  3. Castiel

    Squad Admin seeding rules

  4. Castiel

    Squad Admin seeding rules

    Seeding rules (use them for broadcast) This Server is in Seeding Mode, Don't hunt down FOB's, no armored vehicles, Logi's only This Server is in Seeding Mode, fight only over the middle flag Build the FOB's outside of the flag you are attacking Please do not build super FOB's Server is live on 18v18 (or except an admin says it's going live earlier/later) Depending on the map Fight over the middle two flags only
  5. Castiel

    Ban appeal

    Hello , your Ban will expire in 3 days Castiel
  6. Wait, is that plastic? Did you printed it? Anyways looks dope!
  7. Castiel

    New - Introduction

    nice to have you
  8. Castiel

    banned for intentional tk

    hey Spork sorry for the long wait, admins where bussy doing some other stuff. right now there are no bans on record. Castiel
  9. Castiel

    Alpha 10 Status

  10. Castiel

    The Last Rifles Graphic

    Looks good but TLR's Main coulor is Yellow :b
  11. Castiel

    The Last Rifles Graphic

    Nice job
  12. Castiel

    TLR RoundTable Meeting Transcriptions

    Space not reserved. Thanks buddy <3
  13. Castiel

    Squad admin

    Falldown honey you even read the last part about broadcasting in the topic? 😋❤ its just that im jusing them everytime something needs a broadcast
  14. Castiel

    Squad admin

    @Emu West update pls or create a topic just with broadcasts, would be nice to see that everyone is using the same, again just an idea not sure if everyone agrees with that.
  15. Castiel

    Squad admin

    maybe if someone bans/kicks write the reason why the player got removed from the server. will make it easer to look after it and tell the player why this happends or which player banned him. idea: - wasting assets - Castiel something like this. fell free to write it better. also for broadcasting maybe this: Watch out for friendly mines and mortars cheers