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  1. Castiel


    Its golf with your friends... Hi ?
  2. Castiel

    Ban appeal

    Hello , your Ban will expire in 3 days Castiel
  3. Wait, is that plastic? Did you printed it? Anyways looks dope!
  4. Castiel

    New - Introduction

    nice to have you
  5. Castiel

    banned for intentional tk

    hey Spork sorry for the long wait, admins where bussy doing some other stuff. right now there are no bans on record. Castiel
  6. Castiel

    Alpha 10 Status

  7. Castiel

    The Last Rifles Graphic

    Looks good but TLR's Main coulor is Yellow :b
  8. Castiel

    The Last Rifles Graphic

    Nice job
  9. Castiel

    TLR RoundTable Meeting Transcriptions

    Space not reserved. Thanks buddy <3
  10. Castiel


    High voltage Electrican here too But for a City
  11. Castiel

    Happy Birthday IcemanZ!

    A year closer to death yaaaay!!
  12. Castiel

    TLR Screwup's