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  1. uJamBo

    GeForce GTX G-Assist

    so i came across this really nvidia? nvidia page: https://www.geforce.com/gtx-g-assist?ncid=so-you-plfs27-11258
  2. just a little bigger then my corsair case
  3. Ubisoft is changing what you get when you purchase Rainbow Six Siege on PCGamer.com Renown no longer needed for weapon attachments, more operators for Starter Edition buyers, and more. A lot is changing in Rainbow Six Siege: not only will it's third season usher in a cooperative zombie mode, but what you get when you purchase the game will be different, too. In a new blog, Ubisoft has announced it will remove the Renown cost for the game's original 20 operators. This applies to owners of the Advanced, Gold and Complete Editions, and will take effect March 6. Meanwhile, the Starter Edition, which previously offered two random operators to those who purchased it, will now offer six random operators. These random selections are drawn from a pool including Ash, Thermite, Thatcher, Fuze and Sledge from the attackers side, and Rook, Mute, Smoke, Jager and Kapkan from the defenders side. According to Ubisoft this means newcomers "will have a better chance of an unlocked Operator being available to them in a match, as opposed to their 1-2 Operators being picked by someone else on the team. "These 10 Operators have been selected because new players are able to understand their nuances more quickly, as well as allow high level player/team support as their skill and knowledge progresses." As Evan has already pointed out, Renown costs for weapon attachments will be removed entirely across all editions. "Unfortunately, due to a technical limitation, we will not be able to issue refunds for players that have already acquired these Operators, or attachments.
  4. that will look sick with blue lighting
  5. uJamBo

    Payday 2

    i dont play it although i own it last i played it was over run with cheaters i wont name the free cheats site but every week new ones came out so i just gave up same problem with alot of games and before someone jumps in saying there isntany i last played 6 months ago may of changed but at the time of me playing the cheats would be hitting over 1k downloads just to show the scale of what it was
  6. Welcome to game ops part 1 First things first some users may not want to mess with registry them self but its here to turn off optimizations for all apps aswell as an option using software for per a program basis. First step disable windows game optimization Option 1: Registry option turns it off for everything (dont do this is your require it for a certain program even though i dont know why you would) click the search icon on your desktop taskbar or type directly if you use the search bar option type: regedit open regedit and go to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\System\GameConfigStore so thats HKEY_CURRENT_USER then click the arrow next to system for the dop down list and select GameConfigStore now double click GameDVR_FSEBehaviorMode change the value data number to 2 to disable completely restart them your done. Option 2: CompatibilityManager Software A Windows app for bulk editing compatibility settings. It allows you to quickly enable/disable compatibility settings for multiple applications at once, instead of having to go through them one by one. Download it here extract using 7-zip or simular software run as admin select the programs you want to disable optimizations on and done. Second step network optimization TCP Optimizer Download here run as admin or it wont work watch this video by a random guy on youtube i found to show you how
  7. uJamBo

    Blue screens of death..... wonderful.

    bios updated lately? try taking out the ram n putting it back in same with ssd simple but could just work as loose fittings can screw things up like that
  8. leave love if you claim AXX6Y-L8V3H-Z9Y8G GR24I-20NV3-A5T0Y
  9. Hi guys thought id share this seems pretty usefull i managed to overclock my monitor from 60hz to 70hz yes i kn ow you might say its only 10hz but im not a math wizz but its around 18% increase woah!! i know right? and its FREE and easy simple afew clicks type the refresh rate n boom (no your monitor wont explode) restart to set the new config. first things first what do i need? well go to this webby n grab Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) and download CRU 1.3.1 zip unzip it somewhere well duh jambo!! now open cru.exe as admin and click add under detailed resolutions (highlighted in yellow) change the timing to automatic lcd standard then change refresh rate to 70 you can add more but id try 70 then step it up in 5's i found i can only go to 70hz now restart your machine once back on desktop right click anywhere thats not on an icon and go to display settings scroll down to Display adaptor properties open that then click the middle tab Monitor and change to the new refresh rate and done. Dont worry if you go to far like i did with 80hz your monitor will go black for afew seconds and revert back to default 60 it wont break anything just waste 10 seconds of your life no refunds sorry thats 10 secs i wont give you back you might ask why bother well its slightly smoother aslong as your outputting atleast the refresh rate your welcome
  10. uJamBo

    here they are folks nvidias new line up

    nvidia already announced there 2080 2070 there not going with 11 cos of some belief of the number 11 nvidia has sorta how they skipped 8 series n went 7 to 9
  11. uJamBo

    New here...

    hi n welcome heres a cold 1 to cool down the warmness
  12. uJamBo

    Streamers raging live

    i feel like doing alot of this sometimes lmao