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  1. Blue screens of death..... wonderful.

    bios updated lately? try taking out the ram n putting it back in same with ssd simple but could just work as loose fittings can screw things up like that
  2. leave love if you claim AXX6Y-L8V3H-Z9Y8G GR24I-20NV3-A5T0Y
  3. Hi guys thought id share this seems pretty usefull i managed to overclock my monitor from 60hz to 70hz yes i kn ow you might say its only 10hz but im not a math wizz but its around 18% increase woah!! i know right? and its FREE and easy simple afew clicks type the refresh rate n boom (no your monitor wont explode) restart to set the new config. first things first what do i need? well go to this webby n grab Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) and download CRU 1.3.1 zip unzip it somewhere well duh jambo!! now open cru.exe as admin and click add under detailed resolutions (highlighted in yellow) change the timing to automatic lcd standard then change refresh rate to 70 you can add more but id try 70 then step it up in 5's i found i can only go to 70hz now restart your machine once back on desktop right click anywhere thats not on an icon and go to display settings scroll down to Display adaptor properties open that then click the middle tab Monitor and change to the new refresh rate and done. Dont worry if you go to far like i did with 80hz your monitor will go black for afew seconds and revert back to default 60 it wont break anything just waste 10 seconds of your life no refunds sorry thats 10 secs i wont give you back you might ask why bother well its slightly smoother aslong as your outputting atleast the refresh rate your welcome
  4. here they are folks nvidias new line up

    nvidia already announced there 2080 2070 there not going with 11 cos of some belief of the number 11 nvidia has sorta how they skipped 8 series n went 7 to 9
  5. uJamBo

  6. New here...

    hi n welcome heres a cold 1 to cool down the warmness
  7. Streamers raging live

    i feel like doing alot of this sometimes lmao
  8. My new gaming rig

    seriously tho those nzxt cases are really bad for air being drawn in unless its the full mess front maybe go for another case sometime in the future it would lower temps ALOT look how this has the mess front SilverStone RL06 Pro
  9. My new gaming rig

    check the high end monitor base id of just used packs of paper and spent the money on an oh wait ..... lmao
  10. Streamers caught cheating

    clara wtf u been on so many pcs lmao
  11. Streamers caught cheating

    this makes me laugh so hard so enhoy guys n gals
  12. A man was stretchered out of a net cafe in the Zhejiang Province of China after being unable to move from the waist down following a 20-hour marathon gaming session. According to QQ, the man discovered his condition when trying to stand to use the restroom. According to a translation via Newsweek, a friend of the man said, “It seems he had lost sensation completely and couldn’t move at all.” Paramedics were called and the man was transported to a medical facility. The man could be heard saying that he wanted to finish his game as he was being carried away, as seen in a video uploaded to Chinese video-sharing platform Pear. You can see that video here. The circumstances and actions surrounding the event fit the World Health Organization’s definition of hazardous gaming, which the organization included in its newly revised International Compendium of Diseases last month. The ESA disputed the decision by the WHO at the time, stating, “common sense and objective research prove video games are not addictive.” the i want to ginish my game bit got me true gamer right there lmao But on a serious note guys remember to stretch your legs every hour even if its just for 60 seconds.
  13. https://www.humblebundle.com/games/best-of-2017-bundle Pay $1 Pay $5.44 Pay $10 $2 Humble Wallet credit for Monthly subscribers