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  1. Comp Maps - Callouts, smokes, moly's and flashes.

    Cruxel is always very good with his map overviews
  2. Comp Maps - Callouts, smokes, moly's and flashes.

    Cool, however the gif's are a bit bad bc of quality
  3. CSGO training details

    I will be on, if I don't have to work.
  4. Competitive TLR CSGO team

    I am also in for weekly training sessions with a consistent team. Maybe not the same 5 people every time, but maybe a team of 7 so that if someone can't play, that there is someone to fill the gap. However this would also be a problem that maybe someone would just feel like a fill-in. But I still think it is a good idea to have weekly training sessions to raise everyone's skill. A thing to note would also be that, despite it being training, it should still be fun. I get that things can get heated in the game, but nobody is learning if you are just "shouted" at for the things you are doing wrong. That aside, I would love to join in, if there was a team created, even as a fill-in, because I want to get my skill way higher.
  5. Pixelfaust