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  1. Pixelfaust

    TLR Training server

    Personally I rally enjoy this one: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=842965236
  2. Pixelfaust

    M' Lads

    I am in here since Januaryalready but I stumbled across this thread so I thought I'd post aswell
  3. Pixelfaust

    M' Lads

    Age: 18 About yourself: I am a videomaking dude from the Netherlands. I have a history in photography aswell as graphic design. At the moment I'm on a film school to perfect my skills. I like longboarding and gaming (duh!). I have an awefull taste in humor so watch out! I'm fluent in three languages, so if anyone needs some translation in Dutch or German for school or something, just drop me a DM in discord. My musictaste is mostly progressive house, aswell as some Depeche Mode, Coldplay, Trance and Electro. Games I play: CS:GO, GS6, MC, Wargaming.net, PUBG, Battlefield 4, osu! OEFFFF
  4. I see your point, my question however is how you want to measure the activity. I have commented a lot on posts, yet my community score is still at zero. Another point is the financing for merch. I don't know the complete finances of TLR, but it sstill seems kinda small, so there might not be room for that. Again this is based of of presumption.
  5. Pixelfaust

    Comp Maps - Callouts, smokes, moly's and flashes.

    Cruxel is always very good with his map overviews
  6. Pixelfaust

    Comp Maps - Callouts, smokes, moly's and flashes.

    Cool, however the gif's are a bit bad bc of quality
  7. Pixelfaust

    CSGO training details

    I will be on, if I don't have to work.
  8. Pixelfaust

    Competitive TLR CSGO team

    I am also in for weekly training sessions with a consistent team. Maybe not the same 5 people every time, but maybe a team of 7 so that if someone can't play, that there is someone to fill the gap. However this would also be a problem that maybe someone would just feel like a fill-in. But I still think it is a good idea to have weekly training sessions to raise everyone's skill. A thing to note would also be that, despite it being training, it should still be fun. I get that things can get heated in the game, but nobody is learning if you are just "shouted" at for the things you are doing wrong. That aside, I would love to join in, if there was a team created, even as a fill-in, because I want to get my skill way higher.