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  1. Blue screens of death..... wonderful.

    also is your system running on a ssd or hdd? I had an issue similar to this with a faulty hdd. This is an odd case because of several different error messages. At what point did these errors start to happen? after an update? after a driver install? after watching something?
  2. Blue screens of death..... wonderful.

    is it overclocked? If so boot into bios and reset to default In most cases.. Bad ram will not boot most of the time.
  3. One Shots & Helpers

    I will help with whatever is needed.
  4. New here...

    Welcome to the community Dan
  5. World Of Warships

    I don't have premium.. it's fun without it.
  6. System requirements

    A ssd will directly affect your fps, but your other specs will run the game.
  7. The Last Rifles Graphic

    Looks good
  8. It's about f#cking time!!
  9. Bakka247 AKA Bendybus

    Welcome to the Community.
  10. The Last Rifles Graphic

    Still a nice design
  11. Vehicle progress

    That's all you get for pledging 10,000 plus?
  12. The Last Rifles Graphic

    Looks good anyway lol
  13. The Last Rifles Graphic

    Got some skill Shotgun.
  14. Squad admin

    Well admin broadcast should be used for warnings... and Watch out for friendly mines and mortars would be a warning.