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  1. Arma 3 Custom Zeus Mission

    Hell yes my dude. Its been something i have been interested in doing for a while, and with the numbers we have within TLR, we should have enough guys to make it happen.
  2. Tuesday Fractals Traingsday

    Tuesday Fractals Traingsday
  3. Sam

    Hey guys, I'm Sam, I'm old enough to know better, but have enough time left so that my mistakes will not become my legacy, probably. I joined TLR to hangout with some fun dudes, and fun dudes i have found. Drop me a message about anything, any time and i will promise to, attempt to, remember to, reply to you. i can be a bit crap when it comes to that stuff so just keep spamming! Usually I'm an FPS guy but i will play pretty much anything if i have the right people to experience it with.

    CCFN - 21/01/18 18:40 UTC
  5. D&D Questions and Rules

    and did i level up this week?
  6. D&D Questions and Rules

    What are your thoughts regarding having some one-shots and other tabletop games?
  7. GW2 - Guild Mission Saturday

    GW2 - Guild Mission Saturday
  8. GW2 - Casual Thursday

    GW2 - Casual Thursday
  9. D&D - Group 2

    D&D Group 2
  10. D&D - Group 1

    D&D Group 1
  11. SQUAD - TLR Squad-up

    TLR Squad-up Get online and join with experienced players from the community
  12. Sam