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  1. TLR Screwup's

    100% Lies
  2. Our Game Servers

    Our Game Servers Squad
  3. Looking for Developers

    Hey Everyone, TLR is currently looking for people who have experience in the development ecosystem. Primarily we are looking for people with knowledge/experience with any of the following languages: Javascript / Node.JS PHP C++ However if you have experience in other languages please post anyway We are wanting to build a development group to allow us to branch into areas and create useful tools / mods for games. If you are interested please reply here with what you know or send a message to any of the team Thanks in advanced all, xCausxn / TLR
  4. World Of Warships

    World of Warships is part of the WarGaming Trilogy set, and you guessed it... You fight in warships. If anyone is interested in playing please send any of the below a message Starter Invite https://playtogether.worldofwarships.eu/invite/MOKodoe
  5. Bakka247 AKA Bendybus

    Welcome mate
  6. Discord Commands

    The Group System: On our Discord server we have a group system, you can add yourself to specific game groups and when people need to send a message that only relates to a certain group, they can mention that group rather than mentioning the entire server. Very useful if you only want to message people who like an obscure game. We will be using this system from today so we can avoid spamming people who do not care about specific games (such as Squad admin notices). Commands: All commands to the bot must be typed in the #botcommands channel on Discord to keep command spam as low as possible. You can use the following commands: !ranks - This displays the groups you can join and their names, it also includes how many people have joined each group. !rank RankName - This adds you to the group you specify. If you are already in the specified group it will remove you from it. @GroupName - Use this to mention a group, anybody in the group will get a notification, please only use this when it's needed, such as for seeding or to raise awareness to something important. Music Bot Commands: All commands to the bot must be typed in the #botcommands channel on Discord to keep command spam as low as possible. !help - Use this to see the full list of commands as they change depending on the permissions and new updates. ** Copied across from old forum, authored by @SirGravzy
  7. Example Tagged Topic

    Just an example of a tagged topic Could also do something like [GAMETAG] Title
  8. 'Other Games' Forum area

    For @Jim. https://forums.tlrgaming.com/forum/49-other-games/
  9. 'Other Games' Forum area

    Thats definitely something we can sort out, something like "Other Games", then prefixing the title / adding tags for the game. One of us will be able to get round to it at some point
  10. menno99

    Seems like the sparks are flying here and hi

    Hopefully its as good as it looks
  12. Happy Birthday IcemanZ!

    Late but Happy Birthday
  13. xCausxn