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    Name/Gamer tag: Mr Echo Age(if you want to): 26 A little bit about yourself: I've been playing on the TLR Squad server for months now on and off a few times a week, and thought it was about time i joined in a little more rather than being just another public player. I would love to get to know everyone a little better to enable better teamwork when i join a squad with TLR members in. I used to play CSS competitively years ago and squad is the first game since then that i have felt a need to play competitively again! Love the server and hope to join you guys on the battlefield for some games! Games that you play: Squad
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    Name/Gamer tag: Bruno/RedTuga Age(if you want to): 30 A little bit about yourself: A portuguese imigrant on France Much free time at the moment due to being paid to stay home, but my profession is private security after 3 years on the portuguese army. Besides gaming, im a walking dead addicted. Also, my english used to be alot better, french ruined it. Games that you play: war thunder since 2013, Total War Arena, PUBG, recently got Squad after having a taste of post scriptum
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    hi everyone new to the TLR mainly play squad
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    10 points if you can guess my name although I also go by the gamertag "lufftwaffle" from time to time, mostly on certain games. Im 23, from a tiny village in the UK. As for a little bit about myself, this might be the hardest part. I work as a roofing contractor for a local company during the day (never get into the construction industry) and 80% of the time when im not working im sat at my PC. I have an avid interest in ww2 history and just aviation in general as well as reptiles and inverts. I currently own 2 tarantulas although I've had many more over the years, I am a massive fan of Alien, Silent Hill and Resident Evil although anything horror in general is always good, building and upgrading PC's is also a hobby of mine, mostly for others but myself too when my finances allow me. As for games that I play, the list is quite a big one, I play all sorts from a long history in WoW to games like Post Scriptum, CSGO, IL2 and Project Cars although when Post Scriptum is finally released that'll be my main game for a good while though. Hope to see you all in game sometime!
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    Introduction: Hello and welcome to this thread all about becoming an Admin for our Squad server. TLR was lucky as a clan as we were quickly given a server license after proving we had a well structured community and active admins. As a clan we are sure to follow the server license requirements to ensure we keep the license as without a license we would have a dead Squad server. How to become an Admin: To become an Admin for TLR you must be a full TLR member and not on your probation period. You must read this entire thread (you reading these is an expectation and we won't accept any admin not knowing the up to date information.) Once you have read through everything state that you "Agree to up hold OWI requirements and [TLR] rules." below. Once you have done so you will be contacted. Check your email when a clan leader or founder tells you the invite has been sent, sign up to BattleMetrics and setup the views (expand the server boxes). Confirm to the founder that messaged you that you have got access to BattleMetrics.dmins. Server License Requirements: ~ Have a quality, dedicated administration team. ~ Host from reliable and powerful server hardware. ~ Promote teamwork and communication in their community and/or clan. ~ Provide a positive environment for new players to learn the game and play with more experienced players. ~ Use the vanilla Squad gamemode rules so regular players know what to expect (will be important once modding is possible). How the license can be revoked: ~ Abuse of in game administration powers. ~ Lack of administrative presence. ~ Poor server health. ~ Promoting poor in game culture, contrary to Squad’s goals of teamwork and communication oriented gameplay. ~ Facilitating an environment which is hostile to new players. ~ Failing to use “vanilla” Squad rules and files. ~ Intentional exploitation of game bugs, or trying to crash and/or cause harm to another server by you, as the server owner, or representatives of your community, could lead to your server license(s) being revoked. http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/16519-server-licensing-general-info/ OWI Lockdown: As of 27/07/17 the OWI developers have started to take a hard stance on admin abuse on licensed servers as shown below. alt text TLR's Response: As a result of this we have overhauled our admin procedures and how we work as admins. All of this will be explained below however as of this post we have deleted all admins and the system is now an "Opt-in" system, meaning you have to ask to become an admin for us. All admins must read and understadn the following OWI guidelines. http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/7849-game-server-administration-guidelines/ The Squad Admin System: We now use BattleMetrics to administrate our Squad servers, the ingame admin commands do not provide enough logs for us to enforce bans and our admin decisions. BattleMetrics logs everything which will allow us to easily defend an admin in the case that an admin abuse case is brought to OWI. BattleMetrics is an online Remote Console website which allows you to view lots of information about our server, including current and past players, name changes, VAC Bans and previous kicks and bans. We hope using this system will eventually make everything a lot more fluid. It also means admins can administrate the server from anywhere. When made an admin, you will be emailed an invite code for BattleMetrics - use this to sign up and look around. You mainly want to be using https://www.battlemetrics.com/rcon as this shows the current server stats and information. Broadcasting a message: Browse to https://www.battlemetrics.com/rcon and expand the servers - you will then see a log of who joined, left, got kicked, other admin commands etc - at the bottom you will see a textbox - anything typed in there will be broadcast when you press send. Kicking or banning a player: Browse to https://www.battlemetrics.com/rcon and expand the servers, on the left of the player log you'll see a live players list, each name has a dropdown box which can be used to interact with the player. When kicking or banning, you MUST enter a reason, this reason is public and is seen on the server so ensure it is informative and accurate as any abuse complaints will look at the reason. You MUST also have a evidence of the issue. To make sure you are comfortable with Battlemetrics and understand everything after you have read this post and done everything asked of you please send myself a message via discord stating you are comfortable with the use of Battlemetrics or if you have any questions. You will not receive admin rights without doing so. Video by @Pigeon What we expect from Admins: As an admin for TLR we expect you to uphold the basic server rules and ensure people are dealt with accordingly. As an Admin or a TLR member you represent TLR, try to de-escalate a situation. Admins should give multiple warnings before resorting to a kick - intentional teamkilling and leaving can be banned via a Super Admin on BattleMetrics for 30 days. To be logged in to BattleMetrics (I suggest using the Steam web browser ingame) when playing on our server so they can enforce our rules. You are also expected to uphold TLR general rules which can be found on the forum or the #rules channel on discord. Admins are required to be in the appropriate Discord voice channel of the server they are Admining. Admin permissions: Normal Admins have the power to kick and broadcast on our servers. Super Admins have the power to kick, ban, broadcast and go into admin cam on our servers. Founders, Clan leaders and Mods Should all be Super admins. Miscellaneous: There will be a secondary post explaining how super admin is achieved on our sever in the second post below. (Will be added at a later date.) Once you have stated the statement above we request that you add your SteamID 64 on the same comment. This can be done on this site: https://steamid.io/ If you are ever found to be miss using admin powers on any of our servers they will be stripped from you immediately, depending on how severe the incident is you may not have those powers returned to you. These incidents will also be taken into account when applying for super admin.
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    Welcome to the den of degenerates
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    Welcome to the community
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    Server Rules If you experience an issue on the server, the quickest way to contact an admin is by joining our discord at Join Our Discord. You can then request assistance or ask a question in the #squad channel. #1 English is the primary language on the server. Squad leaders have to speak English in the squad leader comms. [Kick after warning] #2 Squad leaders must have a microphone and communicate with their squad/other squad leaders. [Kick after warning] #3 Squad leaders should be using the squad leader kit. [Kick after warning] #4 Squad leaders can operate their squad in any way they see fit. If a squad leader wants to kick someone in their squad, the squad leader has the authority to do so. However, squad leaders should play the objectives and as part of a team. If SL's are consistently ignoring objectives without reason, there may be action taken. [Kick after warning] #5 Do not give away tactical information in All Chat. Examples are FOB/HAB locations, ticket count, troop movements etc. [Kick after warning/instant kick (admin discretion)] #6 Advertising is not permitted (other clans, gambling sites etc. Twitch URLs are OK) [Kick after warning/instant kick (admin discretion)] #7 All players should treat each other with respect and play the game as a team. Disruptive behaviour such as abuse/griefing/spamming is not wanted. [kick/ban (admin discretion)] #8 Cheating, Trolling, racism, griefing, exploiting, sexism and homophobia will not be tolerated. [kick/ban (admin discretion)] #9 Do not use offensive or inflammatory player/squad names. [kick/ban (admin discretion)] #10 Do not intentionally team kill (including revenge team kills). Apologise for accidental team kills. [kick/ban for continued teamkilling (depending on situation] #11 Mining and road blocking close to the enemy main base is permitted as long as the enemy players are able to leave the main base. [If a admin warns you that you are too close, please comply with their warning] #12 Destroying your own vehicles in base is not permitted. [kick/ban] #13 Do not create a squad and then leave it immediately. If done by accident, please inform people and request someone takes over as squad leader. Or disband the squad. [kick/ban] #14 Admins are there to ensure the server is a enjoyable and competitive place to play. We do not want to overburden people with too many rules, but there may be scenarios that are not covered by the above rules and any warnings/requests from admins should be respected. [kick/ban] #15 Do not solo heavy vehicles. 2 players are required for Strykers, BTRs, Warriors, Bradleys etc). This is to cut down on the amount of incidents where people attempt to use vehicles by themselves and end up wasting valuable assets. [warn/kick]
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    Name/Gamer tag: ShaDoW Age(if you want to): 20 A little bit about yourself: Just young guy, trying to get somewhere on the CS:GO scene with great bantz. If you play any Total War game and missing out on people to play with, hit me up. Games that you play: CS:GO, Strategy games like Total War, LoL, Fortnite and most of the newer games.
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    What I’m working on right now: Was a little disappointed with the functionality of the roll20 monster manual, mainly the lack of spells being clickable from the character sheet and not placed in spell slots: So for an example, I wanted to make a Nibog (from Volo's Guide to Monsters without having to buy Volo's Guide to Monsters on Roll20, already having the book) So I make a token using http://rolladvantage.com/tokenstamp/ Now the slightly more complex part! I used the custom sheet ‘D&D 5e Shaped Character Sheet’ and installed the [5e Shaped Script] into the API (sorry Pro users only) D&D 5e Shaped Character Sheet https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/6328117/5e-shaped/?pageforid=6328117#post-6328117 [5e Shaped Script] https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/5222093/5e-shaped-script-version-11-plus/?pageforid=5222093#post-5222093 After tweaking the shaped sheet to do a few things I wanted, like what bar represents what, always rolling with/without advantage, adding token macros on import, rolling HP on the token drop and a few other bits that depend on how you want to run your monsters/game. Now it gets back to being simple, just had to upload the token, click on it and run the command: !shaped-monsters And picked the Nibog from the dropdown list, Boom! Fully filled out the character sheet, spells clickable and auto spell slot marks off where appropriate, and all the token macros set up to roll how I want. IMHO a much faster and cheaper way of adding all the monsters and spells from: Curse Of Strahd Elemental Evil Hoard Of The Dragon Queen Lost Mine Of Phandelver Monster Manual Out Of The Abyss Princes Of The Apocalypse Sword Coast Adventurers Guide The Rise Of Tiamat Tome Of Beasts Volos GuideTo Monsters Xanathars Guide To Everything
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    Reserve Slots for the TLR SQUAD server can now be purchased from within the STORE. Please make sure you add you Steam 64 ID when checking out, or add it to your Customer Information that can be found by clicking on STORE>My Details>Personal Information.
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