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    Placeholder for announcement of monthly awards given out to TLR members
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    Age: 18 About yourself: I am a videomaking dude from the Netherlands. I have a history in photography aswell as graphic design. At the moment I'm on a film school to perfect my skills. I like longboarding and gaming (duh!). I have an awefull taste in humor so watch out! I'm fluent in three languages, so if anyone needs some translation in Dutch or German for school or something, just drop me a DM in discord. My musictaste is mostly progressive house, aswell as some Depeche Mode, Coldplay, Trance and Electro. Games I play: CS:GO, GS6, MC, Wargaming.net, PUBG, Battlefield 4, osu! OEFFFF
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    Welcome Pixel !
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    Name/Gamer tag: Ian / iCon Age(if you want to): 27 A little bit about yourself: I'm a Quality Control Inspector from Scarborough, England. Been gaming for many many years across a variety of different genres and in my spare time I enjoy painting (see attached image) and graphic design 😊 Games that you play: Counterstrike Global Offensive H1Z1 Just survive Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Golf with friends (so much fun)
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    I see your point, my question however is how you want to measure the activity. I have commented a lot on posts, yet my community score is still at zero. Another point is the financing for merch. I don't know the complete finances of TLR, but it sstill seems kinda small, so there might not be room for that. Again this is based of of presumption.
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    The guy who killed me went that way!
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    These rules are subject to change so keep on eye out for any updates. General Rules: Be respectful to other communities and public players. No abusive language. Racism included. No spamming. English Language Only. No Glitching. No Hacking. No Cheating. No Offensive or Inappropriate Usernames. No Offensive or Inappropriate Forum Posts. Keep comments and opinions of other communities to private channels, this is not what the Discord chat channels or public forum areas are for. No recruiting for other clans. Clan tags must be worn on steam when playing on our servers, or using an in game tag system. Can't be a member of a competing clan. Squad Specific Server Rules Be respectful to other communities and public players. No abusive language. Racism included. No spamming. No Glitching. No Hacking. No Cheating. No TeamKilling. No Offensive, Inappropriate, or commercial URL Usernames. All Squad Leaders must have a mic and use English comms. No disrespect to TLR Admins, will result in a warning/Kick/Ban depending on severity. No camping main base, allow the other team a chance to come back from a back cap. Listen to admins, they aim to keep the server a fun and friendly environment.