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  2. How To Join/ Requirements

    What is The Green Jackets (❖)? GJ❖ is the invite only competative arm of TLR. It is where the most competative players amongst us go to challenge ourselves. Long term commitment and love of the game are the fundamental criteria for entry, as long as this is present we can help teach you and hone your skills to the required level. This will be done through training, including 1 on 1 clinics with the best rated players in their respective areas, as well as an abundance of resources ranging from written tutorials and wikis through to play by play video walkthroughs and guides. Interested in joining GJ❖? GJ❖ isnt for everyone, it requires a certain amount of dedication and commitment for it to be worth while, on top of this you have to be open to recieving advice and constructive critiscm. A sense of teamplay and a competative spirit are the most important and valued attributes, listed below are the requirements to be extended an invite. Prerequisites: 1. Reasonable ping to EU servers + timezone allowing to play events starting 19 UTC. 2. A minimum of availability (1 or 2 events a week, in the evening). 3. Maturity and respect for others. 4. Love of the game (long-term commitment). 5. Understanding of English, and a certain ability to speak it. What we are looking for: 1. A minimum of aiming and reflex abilities, and game sense. 2. A wish to be part of, and to play as a team. 3. A willingness and ability to adapt and learn. 4. A competitive spirit. If you feel you meet these requirements and are interested, then join our voice channel and play with us. Over the course of a week or two we will decide if you will be a good fit for Green Jackets or not and offer you a space.
  3. Map rotation

    please remove chora INS. ...... Ins always ends up being switched And Gorodok should go as well... that map is a server killer and is hardly ever fun Other than that rotation has been much better over the last few days
  4. Vehicle progress

  5. Yesterday
  6. Squad admin

    Falldown honey you even read the last part about broadcasting in the topic? 😋❤ its just that im jusing them everytime something needs a broadcast
  7. Squad admin

    Well admin broadcast should be used for warnings... and Watch out for friendly mines and mortars would be a warning.
  8. Squad admin

    @Emu West update pls or create a topic just with broadcasts, would be nice to see that everyone is using the same, again just an idea not sure if everyone agrees with that.
  9. TLR Server Guidelines

    These Guidelines along with Official server rules are to be followed by all TLR Members. 1. All TLR members are to be in Discord Squad Voice channels when playing on our server! -This is in place to insure that we can quickly deal with administrating the server as well as drawing in more members by having a populated voice channel- -We have a quiet channel for those who do not wish to talk- 2. Squad stacking will now be based on leveling the playing field. Ultimately we would like to see as fair of a match as possible.. But this is unlikely. So Stacking will be viewed as anything over one full squad (9 members). At which point we will start spreading out between teams. The only exceptions will be if one side is stacked with another clan(s) or on our Wednesday weekly event. -Just use common sense. 3. Admin Broadcast is to used to give warnings and to Display Seeding Rules... Nothing more!! Warnings are to be simple and without Profanity! -this also includes local text... Do not argue! Use common sense when an argument between players break out in text and warn them to stop.. same goes for racist comments! TLR Members should want to present themselves in a respectable manner and be helpful on our server. We all Represent TLR in the public eye.. on our server as well as other servers we play on. **Failure in not abiding by any of these will be dealt with by a Section Leader, Moderator or Founder and may result with a kick from of the server! These Guidelines were put in place to help our Squad Player Community thrive.. and to keep our server healthy.
  10. l1lReaper

  11. IT corner / troubleshoot

    SSD topic:Btw I had 2x256GB SSD for years now in RAID0, and I am pretty sure I have tried virtually all games release in the past decade. Why would I say it's pointless to get 512GB for example? - There are games indeed that load a bit faster. Like Battlefield 1. Okay, you load a minute faster. Great. But now you have to wait an extra minute for the others. Yay. - What about programs? Well, I have my dev environment, a dozen poweruser tools and whatnot and they all fit under 200gb. I tried copying my email folder (20+ GB) over and such, but the speed improvement is negligible. That said... Would I use a 10TB SSD array instead of an SSD+HDD? Of course I would! But in this case - and just in general - the saved money can go into other components.
  12. IT corner / troubleshoot

    Welcome to the corner! So, here are my opinions: - Do not buy a streamer card. I had one, it's pretty much a meme at this point. Your GPU will be able to encode just as well. (Basically, if you use the streamer card or the GPU, you have less perfect encoding. It's not bad at all, but not as perfect as software, raw CPU encode. That said, it is good for 99% of the cases. Anyhow, your GPU can do what this card can. I just sold mine months ago. Never really used it.) - Buy Corsair PSU. New PSUs have "on/off" feature, like new GPUs. They remain silent (0db) until you push them. Check the prices, buy one like this if you care about noise. I mean, who does not want a near silent PC? The modular part is good idea! Cable mess is always..a mess. Seasonic is another great brand (it's the same as Corsair.) My 750W Corsair been going strong for ~6+ years. - SSD wise you are better off with a simple 256GB one. That is enough for all programs + Windows. Games, don't really matter where they load from. I mean, from my 200+ Steam library, all the games I tried and owned - only Killing Floor and Squad requires an SSD because they are built up from lots of small files. But, the 256GB one would still fit these games. Make sure the SSD is MLC. (SLC (too expensive) > MLC (ok) > TLC (crap)) So basically, you just save money here. But, that's just my tip/idea. - HDD: Get a good, reliable HDD. I swear by Western Digital (not the green or blue one!), but Toshiba and Hitachi also served me well. If a HDD has like 3 or 5 years of warranty, thats a good indicator it's gonna last. - The GTX1060 6GB is a great GPU, can do 1080p maxed out. Good choice. If you want 120hz or 144hz gaming, check out the 1070 or 1070TI (not sure if your country was hit by the miner price surge bs). Brand-wise, I would go with something that has 3 years of warranty. MAKE SURE THE LENGTH FITS IN YOUR CASE. Some cases don't have enough horizontal space for the GPU. It's easy to check, the case manufacturer tells how long fits in, the GPU manufacturer tells you the length. - I would only buy Ryzen/AMD if you want to do video encoding, 3D work, rendering. Otherwise, a 6-core Intel is a ton better choice in terms of gaming or any other kind of workload. (Not hating on AMD, that's just how it is.) Why Intel? 1) Better single thread performance. (So, most games will run better.) 2) If you want to do the workload I just mentioned, there is zero issues with that. But you have to get the 8 core AMD Ryzen. 3) It has an Intel iGPU inside, so if your 1060 breaks, you have a backup. It can also encode videos, just like your GPU (called Intel QuickSync.) Yes, there was a lot of fuss about the recent Spectre/Meltdown security incident, but in reality, there was almost no performance hit on recent Intel CPUs. (Maybe point: - I would go with 8GB of ram, maybe buy more used or wait until the prices go down a bit? Just a tip. Depends on what games you wanna run, of course, or what things you want to do on your PC. Squad for example, can eat a ton of RAM. Will the RAM prices go down in the near future? I don't know, no one knows. But they are hella expensive.)
  13. Map rotation

    Did not mean for that just removed one. There is only one layout for the map. So can't do anything about it Thank you
  14. IT corner / troubleshoot

    @Luke I'm close to purchasing a new gaming pc, but I am on a tight budget. Despite wanting to somewhat select hardware components myself, I also want store guarrantee. I got a hardcap €1700 budget, and currently have this put together. Any big red flags when you look at it? Its all in dutch, but im sure with the images and the item names youll be able to figure it out.
  15. Vehicle progress

    I believe they are working on an APC variant as well.
  16. Squad Leader Tactics

    You might want to add PLANNING AHEAD as a tactic, at the beginning of the round I like to sneak in a HAB behind enemy lines in a strategic location as a future spawn point for the team, I usually take two Squad members with me and send the rest of the Squad to help cap one of the objectives.

    Here is another video with NEW SCREENSHOTS & INFORMATION UPDATE
  18. Vehicle progress

    I was wondering where the crew would be at. Since it 'normal' tanks they are mostly in the turret area as well. But this explains it, it is basically a mobile gun platform. Pretty sick. I wonder how they will implement the drivers visuals, since there arent any windows or cockpit view, just computer screens.
  19. Last week
  20. Map rotation

    3x op first light and all the same ??
  21. menno99

    when you realise your introduction became a pun contest
  22. Games for TLR Events

    A planet side night would be fun if we can get a group of 5/20 for it. I know he basics of the game and loved it a while back.
  23. Games for TLR Events

    Morris and pigeon won't like that, Falldown.
  24. Games for TLR Events

    I am up for whatever... as long as it isn't a dating sim..
  25. menno99

    Yes you can feel the electricity in the air!!
  26. Vehicle progress

    This thing is going to be huge.
  27. Games for TLR Events

    Sounds cool mate.
  28. Squad Leader Tactics

    CASEVAC – Close air support evacuation – A hot extract that needs support for the vehicle/squad running the evacuation You meant to say Casualty Evacuation right ?
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